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Read Grimm Fairy Tales: Inferno #1 For Free!


Read Grimm Fairy Tales: Inferno #1 For FreeZenescope is at it again! Just like the last time I posted something like this (Zenescope Wants You! To read Grimm Tales of Terror… September 1, 2015) I was cruising around Facebook and I found a post offering Grimm Fairy Tales: Inferno #1 free (that’s free of charge and DRM.) all you need to do is click this link

I know what you’re thinking, “Free? So it can’t be that good I guess.” Well let me give you the run-down…

Grimm Fairy Tales: Inferno #1 is a straight up adventure horror book, with a healthy dose of Zenescope’s usual gorgeous artwork. Written by Ralph Tedesco, Inferno follows the story of Grace Dante, a young girl suffering from amnesia and hallucinations. Everything she’s been told about her past, conveniently, leads her nowhere. And with no living family and no friends the life she’s leading is chock full of people trying to take advantage of her. A pig of a boss, an abusive boyfriend, a psychiatrist with a thing for pills. Seems like the world is trying to chew her up. Just when things seem about to go to far a mysterious stranger steps in, offering help, and information. Gabriel Rearte’s art is stunning, and the story telling is good, in spite of the occasional hard to follow page. The horror aspect is very well represented, Grace’s hallucinations take on a quality that make you wonder if they may very well be real.

GFT-Inferno01-02 GFT-Inferno01-03 GFT-Inferno01-04

Are Grace’s hallucinations really all in her mind? Is there more to her than meet the eye? I have to admit I was intrigued by the prospect of seeing this woman so close to the brink get stand up and take her life back. With imagery reminiscent of Jacob’s Ladder and the promise of action to come I can definitely give Inferno #1 a 4 out of 5!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Inferno #1
Written by Ralph Tedesco
Art by Gabriel Rearte
Cover by Joe Benitez, Erik Jones
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Mature
Page Count: 24 Pages
Print Release Date: May 5 2010
Age Rating: 17+ Only
Copyright 2010 Zenescope Entertainment Inc.

So click the link, read the book, then go to comixology and get the rest of the mini series. There’s a collected edition for just $5.99.

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