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Grimm Fairy Tales And The Shadow Girl


Grimm Fairy Tales And The Shadow GirlZenescope has been giving us great titles and Grimm Fairy Tales is one of those titles.  It is the story of students with magical powers in a special school where they are taught to use those powers to fight evil and save the world.  In Grimm Fairy Tales #120, they put everything they learn to the test.  Lance and Skye have fled Arcane Acre and now live on the streets of Philadelphia where they are trying to track down others like them in the fight against Bloody Bones.  While in a coffee shop, they are attacked by demons sent on behalf of Bloody Bones.  Skye uses her powers as “The Shadow Girl” to defeat one of the demons but flees with Lance from the rest.  As they run, they are picked up by an armored truck where they are taken to a secret facility that knows about Bloody Bones and Highborn beings.  However, the facility is not what it seems.

Pat Shand gives us another brilliant story in “The Shadow Girl, Part I.”  Here are Lance and Skye on the run from demons, the cops and Arcane Acre to be picked up by someone who claims to know about Bloody Bones and Highborns but they discover there is something more when they hear gunshots and see a demon.  It’s a story people can relate to in terms of searching for answers to something their life.  In Arcane Acre, we see the loving mother’s feelings vs. the rebellious child’s feelings as Sela Mathers, Skye’s mother, sends teams out to search for Skye and Lance and questions Ali about their whereabouts.  Ali says it was Skye’s idea to run because of Sela’s ways.  Manuel Preitano’s artwork brings these characters to life in graphic detail and Erick Arciniega’s colors are eye-catching and jump off the page.

Zenescope Comics can do no wrong.  Grimm Fairy Tales is such a great series to read because the premise is great.  I liked that Marian Quin from the Robyn Hood series makes an appearance.  If you have not read Robyn Hood, I highly recommend it.  I have read quite a few Zenescope titles and enjoyed every one of them.  I look forward to more issues from Zenescope and more great work from its talented staff.

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Grimm Fairy Tales is on the stands now (as of 3/16/2016) get yours at you local comic shop.

Grimm Fairy Tales #120
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Manuel Preitano
Colors by Erick Arciniega
25 pages

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