Grimm Fairy Tales #121: The Shadow Girl Pt. 2

Grimm Fairy Tales #121: Continues Great Stories Filled with Great Characters


Grimm Fairy Tales #121: Continues Great Stories Filled with Great CharactersGrimm Fairy Tales is back with the epic conclusion to “The Shadow Girl.”  Sela, Skye’s mother, has sent a team to recover Lance and Skye as they put up a valiant fight against Bloody Bones.  Skye knows her shadow powers can hurt Bloody Bones, but it is unknown for how long or to what extent.  She is without Lance and must hold her own until help arrives or Bloody Bones is defeated.  When the recovery team lands, Sela appears and tells Skye to come back home.  Unfortunately, the rescue does not go as planned.  Back in Arcane Acre, Ali must answer for what he has done during his tenure as a student.

Pat Shand picks up right where he left off from the Robyn Hood finale and from the end of the last issue.  The opening scene with the rescue team is well-written and gets you pumped up for the rest of the issue.  The scene of Ali’s disciplinary meeting was great.  Shang’s speech about circumstances warranting certain actions not normally desired was powerful and thought-provoking.  The artwork and colors in this issue were very well done.  Manuel Preitano drew Bloody Bones in such a gory and horrific way that you could not help but jump a bit when you saw him.  Erick Arciniega is great at colors, especially when it comes to characters like Hailey who appears as ice/water.  Ken Lashley and Hedwin Zaldivar put together a fantastic cover which captured the spirit of the issue and the storyline in general.

The Grimm Fairy Tales series and its subsequent titles are all great stories filled with great characters.  Zenescope has done an excellent job with Skye, Robyn, Liesel and the host of others whose adventures we read about in each new issue.  They are rough-and-tumble characters that go out and get the job done no matter what.  Yet, they do have a soft side when it comes to love and humor.  Speaking of love, don’t forget to save the date for Sam and Marian’s wedding coming to the world of Robyn Hood this May!

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Grimm Fairy Tales #121: The Shadow Girl Pt. 2
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Manuel Preitano
Colors by Erick Arciniega
Cover by Ken Lashley & Hedwin Zaldivar
25 pages

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