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Grimm Fairy Tales #119 – Engaging Plot & Fun Characters


Grimm Fairy Tales #119 - Engaging Plot & Fun CharactersZenescope’s re-imagining of Grimm Fairy Tales is an excellent comic book series.  Whether it be Robyn Hood or Steampunk, the stories are so much fun to read.  This newest issue of Grimm is no different. “What the Gemini Saw” is a standalone story that delves into the history of Maka and Bloody Bones, while introducing a new character to the fold at Arcane Acre.

Pat Shand and the team at Zenescope have done it again.  Shand writes another exciting story with an engaging plot and fun characters.  It reminded me of the Wolverine and the X-Men series that Marvel ran where we see the campus and the students learning their powers and abilities while dealing with threats from the outside world.  Christopher Johnson’s art and Erick Arciniega’s colors are vivid and lifelike, making the pictures jump off of the page.  It’s always a pleasure to read this comic and look at the pictures.

I always look forward to Zenescope’s work now.  Pat Shand and company have me wanting more every issue.  The cliffhanger endings are perfect.  I highly suggest picking up this comic and reading it, even if you have not kept up with it before.  It’s easy to get into and will hold your attention the whole way through. They have a talent for taking old fairy tale characters and adapting them to a new world.

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Grimm Fairy Tales #119 What the Gemini Saw
Story:  Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Pat Shand
Writer:  Pat Shand
Artwork:  Christopher Johnson
Colors:  Erick Arciniega
Editor:  Pat Shand
25 Pages
On sale: 2/10/16

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