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Gregory Suicide is Great Sci-fi!


Gregory Suicide is Great Sci-fi!

What makes the perfect spy. Stealth, intelligence, a certain kind of style. Oh and the ability to never be caught.

Gregory has this ability. No one can catch you if you’re dead. And he dies often, but that’s the easy part, the hard part is that he’s being left behind. It seems technology has advanced and he’s becoming obsolete. What does that mean for an asset that always comes back?

Eric Grissom (Deadhorse, Planet Gigantic) has crafted an intriguing tale of the glory boy turned underdog, showing Gregory deal with the ramifications of a job that has passed him by . It has just the right amount of pathos and wonder. Where do you go when your best just isn’t good enough? Well Grissom may not answer that question completely but he gives us a great resolution to ponder.

Will Perkins ( whose work on 215ink’s Beware… I thoroughly enjoy) gives us solid work, the art and layout is just perfect. I hope that if Grissom has more tales of Gregory to tell Perkins will be on hand to illustrate them.

Gregory Suicide would be a perfect book, if there were only more of it! 5 out of 5.





(writer) Eric Grissom @egrissom

(artist) Will Perkins @Will_Perkins215

(publisher) Frankenstein’s Daughter

Available on ComiXology for $0.99 on AUGUST 5th. Click here to see all the books available from Frankenstein’s Daughter.



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