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Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton Announce Code Monkey Save The World!


MonkeyBrain Comics is going to rule the world. They are on fire. Some of the best writers, artists, and creators have projects with this young but growing company. They recently announced a partnership with IDW to bring some of their popular digital comics to the print world. And now this.

Kickstarter Press Release:


Internet Split In Half, Calf With Two Heads Born

New York, NY – April 15, 2013. Comics writer Greg Pak (“Planet Hulk,” “Batman/Superman,” “Magneto Testament”), internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton, and artist Takeshi Miyazawa(“Runaways”) have joined forces to create a graphic novel that stars the much-loved monsters and super-villains from classic Coulton songs like “Code Monkey,” “Skullcrusher Mountain,” “The Future Soon,” and “Re: Your Brains.” The Kickstarter for the project launched Monday morning and can be reached via

“Code Monkey Save World” follows Code Monkey, the put-upon coding monkey from the eponymous Coulton song, as he teams up with the seething, lovelorn super-villain from Coulton’s song “Skullcrusher Mountain.”The unlikely duo fight robots, office worker zombies, and maybe even each other as they struggle to impress the amazing women for whom they fruitlessly long.

Other characters include office-worker-turned-action-heroine Matilde (the “you” to whom the song “Code Monkey” is sung), Laura the Robo Queen (from the song “The Future Soon”), Zombie Bob (from “Re: Your Brains”) and the heroic curler (from “Curl”).

“I’ve been living with these characters for a long time, so it’s exciting to see what kinds of connections and new ideas Greg can come up with,” says Coulton. “Moving them into this new medium gives them space to stretch out and become even more complex and interesting.”

The project was born last November after Pak joked on Twitter about writing a super-villain team-up comic based on Coulton’s characters. Coulton tweeted back “DO IT.” And so they did.

“What I love about this project is that it’s the crazy kind of thing that just had to happen, and because of Twitter and Kickstarter and the internets, it actually can,” says Pak. “Jonathan and I are both working here as independent creators who own our own work. So if he says yes and I say yes and then whoever wants to buy it says yes, this beautiful thing can actually happen.”

Takeshi Miyazawa (“Runaways”) will provide pencils and inks, Jessica Kholinne (“X-Treme X-Men”) will color, and Simon Bowland (“Incredible Hercules”) will letter.

“This thing has monkeys, robots and zombies. It hit the trifecta,” says Miyazawa. “How could I say no?”

The plan is to produce a 60 page graphic novel that will be released digitally in four parts through Monkeybrain Comicsand comiXology and then in a collected trade paperback form.

“We’re very excited to be working with Monkeybrain and comiXology,” says Pak. “Monkeybrain has done an amazing job of getting fantastic, genuinely independent creator-owned comics out into the world and comiXology has developed a phenomenal app for viewing comics on digital devices.”

Kickstarter backers will get each of the digital comics and the hard copy of the graphic novel during an exclusive window before the books are sold to general public. And there are multiple added bonuses possible for Kickstarter backers, including first dibs on a brand new song written and performed by Coulton.

Another standout reward is the limited edition Code Monkey figure, sculpted by the acclaimed comic artist Sean Chen from the Takeshi Miyazawa character design.

The Kickstarter launches Monday, April 15 and will conclude in 30 days. Visit to be taken to the Kickstarter page.

For those of you either not geeky enough to know what Code Monkey is here’s the original fan made video that’s been floating around the internet for about 6 years now.

I have to admit I’m stoked to see Pak’s take on Code Monkey. Granted my vision has been heavily influenced by the video made by Mike Spiff Booth the cover image from the kickstarter looks great!

Damn, another kickstarter I need to give money to!


This kickstarter has some great rewards listed and is definitely worth taking a look at! Go here: Code Monkey Kickstarter for more details.

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