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Gravedigger is a Top Notch Hard-Boiled Noir!


First thing that caught me was the cover, it’s Lee Marvin for crying out loud! I knew I’d have to check it out.

Gravedigger is a Top Notch Hard-Boiled Noir!
Christopher Mills has written a hard-boiled noir book. It opens strong, with a murder and a frame up. A guy like Gravedigger McCrea should know better than getting mixed up with a mobsters daughter. It can difintely can put you in that kind of position. So you get out while you can right? Even when things go bad. It’s never that simple. Just when you think he’s gotten away there’s another beautiful woman, and another possible complication.

This doesn’t just read like a hard-boiled noir it looks like one, Rick Burchett nails the style, the pages have the feel of a 60’s film, the clothes, cars, settings, all look great, and the pacing and layouts are solid.

This is a great book, exactly what I’d been hoping Action Lab would put out. It ranks right up there with some of there other great books like Princeless, Pirate Eye, and Stray. You should read it.

Here check out a few pages courtesy of Action Lab…







Writer(s): Christopher Mills
Artist Name(s): Rick Burchett
Cover Artist(s): Rick Burchett   Variant: Dario Carrasco and Ian Sokoliwski
32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ B&W with Tones
$3.99 (reg.)/$4.99 (var.)
Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone

The popular noir web series returns to print… Framed for the murder of a mob boss’s daughter, “Gravedigger” McCrae is on the run in a South Florida paradise, pursued by a relentless crew of killers. His pursuers think tracking him down will be easy, but Digger McCrae is particularly dangerous prey. Gravedigger is a master class in hard-boiled comic action!

Featuring artwork from multiple Eisner award-winning artist Rick Burchett (Batman Adventures, Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether), and includes a limited variant cover by Dario Carrasco.

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