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What’cha Reading Graphic Novel Giveaway Update!


What’cha Reading Graphic Novel Giveaway!


We have a winner! And a new giveaway!

We announced on Monday that we’d be giving away a graphic novel, vol 1 of Jim Zub’s Wayward to be exact. Well a random selection has been made and the autographed tome will be whisking its way across the country to the lucky reader as soon as possible!

So what now you may ask. We were told there’d be more you may say. Well right you are! The next Graphic Novel Giveaway will take place next Friday and the book we’re giving away is an autographed copy of….

Comixtribe’s And Then Emily Was Gone trade paperback!

Graphic Novel GiveawayHere’s an excerpt from our review,

Iain Laurie’s art is so tight with Lees’ storyline, you’d swear they wrote this book sitting side by side. His artwork is a nightmare stretching across pages, both surreal and horrible, with promises of terrible things in your closet, under your bed, whispering awful truths in your ear.

So naturally, I loved the book. It’s a story that isn’t meant for one read, then bagged and boarded for posterity. You will want to pull this out again, read issues backward, trying to reverse engineer the story in your own mind, and see if it’s any less unsettling (it’s not). You’ll want your friends to read this, and talk with you about it, and see if it gets the chill out of your bones (nope). – And Then Emily Was Gone Concludes, Send Your Therapy Bills to ComixTribe 12/08/15

This is truly one of the most frightening and disturbing books I had ever written, and Rosemary’s review above shows, I’m not alone in that opinion. This is definitely a mature readers book so if you happen to win it and feel it’s not appropriate please let us know.

To enter you don’t need to do a thing if you’re a member of the What’cha Reading mailing list. Do you know someone who might enjoy what we’re doing at Whatchareading.com? Not a member of the list yet? Follow the link!

While we’re here how about we revisit some of our recent articles?

Brod Bagert “Why did I choose to bring Captain Perseverance to an illustrated medium?”

The driving notion that led to the creation of Captain Perseverance—How I Became a Superhero is that it might be possible to use the superhero genre to instill the idea in children that perseverance can be their very own, real-life superpower. And that genre is and always has begin quintessentially visual.

The idea begins with a Ted Talk presented by renowned psychologist Dr. Angela Duckworth in which she summarize the results of her research on the subject of Grit, – continue reading


Guess what, we don’t just review comics and kid’s books. We review games as well! Check out this board game review from our very own gaming guru Boter.

Boter Reviews Something – Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People

Night falls on a peaceful hamlet nestled in an idyllic valley. The townspeople go to sleep, not suspecting that soon, their town will become a bloody massacre ground.

Werewolf dates back to the 90’s and is in turn based on Mafia from a decade before. It’s been around in many different forms and ways to play. You can most often find it as various decks of cards with varying complexities of roles. Today we’ll be looking at a somewhat simpler, more elegant deck,Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People. – continue reading

How about a movie review? We have those as too! Jim Kenney has been bringing us reviews of off-beat and must see films for quite some time.




Tying with ANOTHER 48. HRS in the most-prosaic-film-title category,PUERTO RICANS IN PARIS is about just what it says it is about.  Wonderful character actor Luis Guzman is given a lead, and why the hell not? He teams with Edgar Garcia as NYC cops who end up nonsensically involved in an attempt to ferret out an insider who is blackmailing the French designer of a high-end bag, winningly played by an endearing Alice Taglioni. The frivolous film is agreeable enough, barely at 80 minutes without its extended ending credits, more latter-day Abbot and Costello – continue reading
Well that’s all for now. Next week we’ll announce the winner of the autographed copy of And Then Emily Was Gone trade and tell you about the next book that we’ll be giving away!

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