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Gotham Stars Discuss Batman at Heroes & Villains!


Greetings Gothamites!  While Winter Storm Jonas did cancel half of Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey, it did not stop the cast of Gotham from taking the stage to talk all things Caped Crusader.  During the Gotham Panel, Gotham stars David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Erin Richards, Robin Lord Taylor and Drew Powell each revealed their favorite actor behind the cowl.  David had already chosen his favorite before he even debuts on the big screen.  “Well, hopefully Ben Affleck!  Batman v Superman, I’m so excited!”  It’s safe to say many, many, many others share his excitement.  Sean Pertwee  picked Christian Bale as his favorite and Erin Richards picked Val Kilmer, while showing some love for the “hilarious pec montage of George Clooney.”  Robin Lord Taylor enthusiastically replied, “Michael Keaton, Tim Burton’s Batman all the way.”  Taylor made sure Batman Returns was not forgotten either.  “A lot of people forget that it’s one of the best Christmas movies ever made!  I really want a Christmas Gotham episode.”  I can get behind that.  Who else would love to see Christmas in Gotham?

Batman Actor Collage

Drew Powell, always playful and loveable, picked Will Arnett for his portrayal of Batman in The Lego Movie.  Considering his role, Robin Lord Taylor was asked to choose between Danny DeVito or Burgess Meredith as his favorite Penguin.  “That’s like choosing my children-or not my children, my uncles.  That’s a total toss-up.”  When asked which one is the drunk uncle, “Danny DeVito. Duh! Danny’s my man!”


The cast of Gotham is one big family and it’s always great to see them together as I have at Walker Stalker Con.  They’re always going to come up with great answers especially when it pertains to Batman.   I was disappointed that no one mentioned Adam West though.  he was the original after all.

Gotham returns Monday, February 29 at 8pm on Fox.  Check your local listings.

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