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Gotham Season Two – New Promo Photos

Gotham Season Two - New Promo Photos

Image via FOX

FOX has released four new promo photos for season two of Gotham.  One of the newly released photos is of the banner that you could see above.  Does anyone notice a faint resemblance to that of the Batman logo?  Maybe an upside down version?  Or maybe The Penguin’s umbrella?


Image via CBR

Along with the banner, we also have a new poster which prominently features the cast.  Interestingly, David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne can be spotted in the center exploring the cave.


James Frain as Theo Galvan. Photo by Mark Seliger.

We also have our first look at two new cast members.  James Frain (True Blood, Agent Carter) and Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield, Gracepoint) have joined the cast as Theo and Tabitha Galvan.  They play a brother and sister “who claims to want to save the city from itself.”  Along with being members of Gotham City’s uppercrust, they also kill people.  Kind of remind us of season one villain The Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia).


Jessica Lucas as Tabitha a.k.a. Tigress. Photo by Mark Seliger.

Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) is significantly more notable as she is know by more dedicated of Batman and DC Comics fans as the villain Tigress.

Gotham returns 8 PM ET September 21, Monday nights on FOX.  Check your local listings.

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