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Gotham Recap/Review: “Everyone Has A Cobblepot.”


A Recap, by definition, WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! Proceed at your own risk!



After a few days in Chicago and several plane delays, I’ve made it back to Gotham City.  Boy, am I glad to be back.  As beautiful as The Windy City is, it’s great to be home.  While I missed the first airing of one of my favorite DC Comics based shows this week, today I caught up on “Gotham” and was reminded of why this series has become so enjoyable.  “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” has successfully kept the past few weeks trend of solid entertainment and is growing considerably closer to its final four episodes which begin on April 13th.

This week’s episode of the FOX drama picked up where we left off, finding Alfred and Bruce Wayne in the hospital.  During the close of last week’s episode, “Red Hood”, Alfred’s mate, Reggie, stabbed him in the chest and left him bleeding on the floor.  We find that Alfred is stable (no surprise), but still needs his rest.  Det. Gordon visits them and asks if they saw man who stabbed Alfred.  Bruce is about to respond, but Alfred cuts him off as he believes that it isn’t right to give up a friend, despite the circumstances.  Alfred proceeds to get out of the hospital bed so he could track down his mate, but Bruce commands him to stay.  Selina visits the two of them later and offers to help Bruce as he suspects Reg may be a spy working for the board members for Wayne Enterprises.  After Alfred was attacked, Bruce found certain documents missing from his research, along with papers to mask the true intentions of the break in.  The crooked board members of Wayne Enterprises has so far been an interesting plot for this first season of “Gotham” and it’s allowed David Mazouz to really showcase his Bruce Wayne.  The Bruce vs. the Board plot also feels like it shares a sort of DNA link to the comic books as this idea has come up several times throughout the long history of Batman.  Mazouz has been a great part of the cast, but has finally gotten the kind of role that allows him to truly demonstrate his abilities as an actor.  And, as always, his relationship with Sean Pertwee (Alfred) is perfect.

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“Everyone Has A Cobblepot” also brings back Harvey Dent.  Here, he serves as Gordon’s partner as they attempt to take down Flass and Commissioner Loeb.  Near the start of the episode, Loeb reinstates Det. Flass (Dash Mihok) and it appears as if the corrupt and sleazy cop will become president of the policemen’s union.  It’s just the kind of position that could bring up a whole new set of problems for Gordon and the good people of Gotham.  When Gordon visits Loeb to debate the decision for the reinstatement, it is revealed that Bullock turned up as a witness in the Flass case.  It’s a nice surprise, and works for a bit as Bullock’s motivations border on extremely grey status and highly questionable, but is ultimately shown to be another step in furthering this week’s mystery.  We learn that Commissioner Loeb was able to pressure Bullock into setting Flass free as he has a literal farm of secrets.  Apparently Loeb has files of information (inside dirt) on nearly everyone in the city and is able to use this as leverage to get his way.  Gordon devises a plan with Dent to get his hands on the evidence he has on people so he could use it against Loeb.  Gordon reasons that if they obtain Loeb’s ‘secret files”, they could stop Flass and use it to decide who needs to be prosecuted.  It sounds like a good plan, but turns out to be more troubling for the detective as he needs to partner with the last person he’d want to turn to – Cobblepot.

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Gordon and Bullock turn to Cobblepot as he is the one person who has information on nearly everyone, just as Loeb does.  It turns out that while Cobblepot was spying on both mob bosses – Carmine Falcone and Salvatore Marroni, he learned that Falcone and Loeb have been associates.  It is revealed that Loeb has a farm where he contains his secrets and makes a deal with Gordon: If he brings Gordon to the farm then he gets to have 5 minutes alone with Loeb’s files and to request a favor from Gordon at a moment of his choosing to which the good detective cannot refuse.  It’s a faustian bargain of sorts that finds Gordon agreeing with.  This was perhaps the best moment in an otherwise great episode filled with several exciting moments.  We are really starting to understand how important decisions play into shaping the future of the city and of how small moments that may seem inconsequential now will ultimately lead to the necessity of needing someone like Batman in the future.  Make no mistake that Gordon is an honest cop and good man.  He’s just surrounded by so much corruption that in order for him to raise up the city he loves, there will be times that he needs to get his hands dirty.  I absolutely love that aspect of the show and it’s exciting as that is just the kind of element that works better in foreshadowing the Caped Crusader than seeing a villain of the week who will one day grow into an infamous rogues gallery member.

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Cobblepot bring the men to the farm, but they soon find that there are no files stored there.  Instead, they find that Miriam Loeb, the commissioner’s daughter, is being kept in the attic.  They are unsure of her presence at first, but soon realize that she is Loeb’s secret.  After Miriam shows Gordon and Bullock a necklace she made out of the bones from birds she’s killed, they figure out that she killed her mother and that it wasn’t Loeb who murdered his wife.  This development worked as a nice twist, albeit one we felt looming as Miriam grew stranger.  It also added to a genuinely funny scene as she encounters Cobblepot as he’s waiting on Gordon and Bullock.  “You look like a bird.”

The resolution of the episode finds Gordon showing a few of his cards to the commissioner, which in turn leads him to giving up his file on Bullock and endorsing Gordon as the president of the police union instead of Flass.  While Loeb has given up his file on Bullock, he will not relinquish his other files, providing Gordon just what he wanted, while also serving as a potential fight for another day.

“Everyone Has A Cobblepot” was a great episode to return home to.  In a week devoid of new episodes for “The Flash” and “Arrow”, FOX’s “Gotham” provided the right fix of DC Comics and Entertainment television goodness.  The writing of the episode also truly developed the story in which the title is based.  Gordon, during the pilot, was ordered to kill Cobblepot by Falcone, but let him go free.  This action sparked a chain of events that have led to Cobblepot being a highly destructive, volatile, and untrustworthy ally of the future police commissioner.  Bullock warns Gordon that his deal with Cobblepot will one day have ramifications just as he had his own personal Cobblepot years prior that resulted in him pulling a trigger on a mobster or be killed himself.  This relationship has fueled some of this season’s best moments of genuine tension and as we near the season one close, I’m nearly positive the best is yet to come!

“Everyone Has A Cobblepot” receives five out of five stars.

“Gotham” airs at 8 PM Monday on FOX.  Check your local listings.


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