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Gotham Feels the Chill…


Greetings Gothamites!  I come bearing another early present for the holidays: a new teaser trailer for the second half of Gotham.  The good folks at Fox released a new 30-second teaser ahead of the February 29th return of the show showcasing Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow).  At the end of the winter finale “Worse Than a Crime,” there was a cut scene where the icy villain turns his ice gun on a man in an alley.  The trailer itself is not much, just the ice gun freezing the city but it gets the point across that we’re in for something big with Mr. Freeze, aside from his backstory, when the second half starts up.



There are some goodies in the trailer if you have a sharp eye and an HD setting on the device you are watching it on.  The first one is immediate so it is very easy to miss.  The flames in the barrel make an image of Firefly (Michelle Veintimilla) before they are extinguished.  There’s another toward the very end where as the buildings freeze, you see Freeze’s face form in the ice on the side of one of the buildings.  The teaser was cleverly done and it’s comforting to know we are getting our fill of Gotham to hold us over.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that Fox follows up with a trailer for Dr. Strange, who also had a cut scene at the end of “Worse Than a Crime,” or one of the other new characters set to debut on the show.

I hope Gotham keeps up the great work they are doing this season and goes on for seasons to come.  We’re seeing it get a lot more exposure ranging from merchandise to cast appearances at various cons and expos.  I love covering this show not only because it’s about the world of Batman, it’s showing its full potential now as a hit show.  In my opinion, it can only get better and I know Bruno Heller and his team will make sure it does.

Gotham returns Monday February 29th at 8pm on Fox. Check your local listings. And head over to Fox to watch more clips and full episodes.

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