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Gotham Episode 6 Review! And More Donal Logue!



Following off of the momentum of last week’s episode, “Viper”, in which FOX’s Gotham grew wings“, tonight’s episode was no different.  “Spirit of the Goat” has shown how great a show “Gotham” could be and of why Donal Logue belongs in everything!


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In episode 6, directed by TJ Scott (Orphan Black/ Black Sails) and written by Ben Edlund (creator of The Tick; writer for Firefly & Angel) we are given a more Bullock-centric story in which he investigates a serial killer who has plagued Gotham City for more than 10 years.  While the episode starts out with Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and his partner, Dix, played by the gruff but lovable, Dan Hedaya stopping the Gotham Goat, we fast forward ten years later to present day and find that the killings have started again. In a city where its “golden rule” is “no heroes”,  Bullock proves himself just that. More than just a slovenly and lackadaisical law man; he is a man who provides, cares, has heart, and will stop at nothing to put an end to the freight train of tragedy that runs over the weak.

Thanks to the director, TJ Scott and writer, Ben Edlund, we are presented with an episode that lives up to the premise of the show being centered on the city that will one day give rise to the necessity of a certain bat vigilante.  It was wise to focus on Bullock as the always professional and talented Donal Logue really shines as fan favorite, Harvey Bullock. Another worthy mention is Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma. Up until tonight’s episode, he came across as more of a glorified Easter Egg for the fans, yet his interactions with GCPD records clerk, Kristen Kringle are so adorable and yet so odd that he can’t help but not fall for Smith’s level of creepiness.  The scene was well-played and is a strong case for how great Ben Edlund is when it comes to scripting fast paced and quirky dialogue.


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“Gotham” is steadily moving along and with more episodes like tonight’s “Spirit of the Goat” it could very well join the ranks of CW’s “Arrow” and newcomer, “The Flash.”  But we really do need more Donal Logue!

“Gotham” airs Monday nights on FOX at 8pm.  Check your local listings.

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