Build Your Dream Killer Robot in Goliath on May 12 ~ What'cha Reading?

Build Your Dream Killer Robot in Goliath on May 12


GoliathGiant robot vs. giant monster: it’s a tale as old as time. From the kaiju films of the mid 1900’s to modern reimaginings like Pacific Rim, there’s something fascinating about the idea of a few humans in a gigantic mecha defending their home from over-sized creatures. Goliath will be the latest take on the genre, proclaiming, “Everybody makes mistakes. You make giants.”

(You don’t know me, game, I’m perfectly capable of doing both at once. Exhibit A: two-hundred ton robot that moves on a snowboard.)

(Actually that sounds pretty awesome.)

The game has a look reminiscent of platformers from the early 2000s – the colorful, fast, third-person style of Ratchet & Clank or Oddworld. You build your robot – the titular Goliath – and set out into the world to beat up the baddies. Along the way you’ll scavenge for resources, upgrade your bot, and swap items in and out to fit mission parameters like type of enemy and the environment you’re going into. (A bot balanced GOLIATHSCR01on a single wheel probably works well in an urban environment. It probably doesn’t work well in a swamp.)

Factions abound in Goliath’s landscape. Hole up with one in a fortress or scour the desolate, procedurally generated landscape as a nomad. Which sounds tempting because it seems like a lot of those factions are at war with each other. As if the giant monsters weren’t enough, right?

I don’t know much about the story of the game – the mix of a random open world, crafting, roleplaying elements and more tickle just about every bone in my gamer body. I don’t yet know GOLIATHSCR02what the overarching story of the game will be, but the publisher, Octopus Tree, is excited to have Zander Cannon on its creative team. Cannon is the writer and artist behind the recent comic book Kaijumax, as well as many others, and will bring Goliath a “mix of gravity and levity,” according to Jeremy Zoss, Marketing Manager for Octopus Tree. With many projects under his belt, this will be Cannon’s first video game writing credit, and I can’t wait to see how it goes.

And to see if it’ll let me make a huge robot on a snowboard.

Platform: Windows (Steam)
Price: $19.99
Developer: Whalebox Studio
Publisher: Octopus Tree
Release Date: May 12, 2016

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