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Glory Vol 1 & 2 – Hers is a story worth reading.


Joe Keatinge’s Glory is a comic that should have lasted a long time. It was well written, with great art and a fascinating story. Unfortunately it ended after 12 issues. The second of the two-volume graphic novel collection has just come out and completes Glory’s story.

Many of you may recall Glory when she first appeared in Image Comics in the early 90s, as their Wonder Woman clone.


She was a bombshell, of course. She was also a half Amazon half demon warrior. She was raised as an Amazon by her mother and was their strongest warrior but constantly battled the demon side of her. She came to man’s world because she didn’t fit into either of her parent’s realms.

Alan Moore took a run at her also in 1999. Retooling the character so she had a civilian secret identity as a waitress to better understand humans. It only published three issues in the end.

glory 22When Joe Keatinge reinvented her in 2011 he did a complete 180. He kept the Amazon/Demon idea but made them aliens. He also jettisoned the bombshell.

Glory is a warrior, nearly beast like and battle-scarred. It is hard to imagine anything could ever stand against her. When the story begins she is not quite herself. She has taken too much damage and needs to heal. She finds friends, some of whom it seems she was destined to meet.

The story seems to be epic in scale but in fact it’s the humanity and small moments that make Glory great. She is constantly struggling with herself and her goals and in the end how her actions effect those she loves.

There are kick ass battles to be sure and plenty of bloodletting. Glory is no pushover. When she fights it is always a battle she intends to win, no matter the cost.

I was sorry the comic ended so soon but I must admit it is very satisfying to have a beginning, middle and an end to her story. Do yourself a favor, go out and buy the graphic novels. Glory’s story is one worth reading.

Glory, Vol. 1: The Once and Future Destroyer
Writer: Keatinge, Joe
Artist/Cover Art: Campbell, Ross
After missing for almost a decade, GLORY’s whereabouts are uncovered by a lone reporter, but the globe-spanning conspiracy keeping her hidden from humanity could make her return more dangerous than anyone ever anticipated! This first collection of a brand-new saga written by Eisner & Harvey award-winner JOE KEATINGE (HELL YEAH) and illustrated by acclaimed artist ROSS CAMPBELL (Wet Moon, Shadoweyes) reintroduces GLORY to a new century by revealing secrets from her past, journeying to the far-flung future and beginning a war unlike any we’ve seen before.
Price: $9.99
ISBN: 978160706604050999
On Sale: September 05, 2012
Publisher: Image
Diamond Id: JUN120461
Amazon Link ($8.99)


51aTJs9BU3L._SY300_Glory Volume 2: War Torn TP
Writer: Keatinge, Joe
Artist/ Cover Art: Campbell, Ross
Featuring art by ROSS CAMPBELL, ULISES FARINAS, OWEN GIENI, EMI LENOX, GREG HINKLE, JED DOUGHERTY, SLOANE LEONG & ROMAN MURADOV GLORY REACHES ITS SHOCKING CONCLUSION! Featuring the introduction of Glory’s ultra-violence prone sister, Nanaja, the truth behind their parents’ hidden alliance and a very special guest appearance by Ernest Hemingway! Collects GLORY #29-34.
Price: $14.99
ISBN: 978160706761051499
On Sale: July 17, 2013
Publisher: Image
Diamond Id: MAY130456
Amazon Link (Price $11.49)

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