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Gift Guide for Kids: Stocking Stuffers and More!


I’m a big fan of Christmas, and even more so now that my kids and I can play with each other’s toys on Christmas morning. My teenager has promised to decipher the mysteries of the X-Box One game controller for me, now that I’ve proven my mettle with iPhone games. My ‘tween is counting down the days until the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and promises to let me cry without ridicule during the Doctor’s regeneration. My toddler promises… to drive me crazy, but that’s besides the point, because he’s really cute, and he likes Batman. So for me, Christmas, while a hectic, stressful time of year, is a heckuva lot of fun, because I love to look through all my favorite geeky sites to find things to put under the tree and in their stockings. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Call of Duty MegaBloks Sets

I saw these up close and personal at New York Comic Con this year, and these sets are fantastic. The level of detail is incredible on these things, and they have sets that include popular game features like the Zombie TranZit Farm set, based on the game map (I would have LOVED to have seen a zombie JFK/Castro set). Look at these pieces. There are accessories that can be used as weapons to fight the undead, a bale drop to crush some walkers, the barn doors open and close, and the windmill rotates. Other sets, all based on maps in the game, include a Dome Battleground, Drone Attack, and Heavy Armor Outpost. Check out MegaBlok’s Call of Duty site for more info and to shop.



Lego Minecraft Sets

Minecraft is huge in my home. Lego caught onto the brilliance of Minecraft and the obvious connection with Lego is a win-win for both Lego and us fans – it’s an 8-bit game where you world build. IT’S LEGO, ONLINE. There is an Original set and a Nether set, both available at Amazon. They come with Creepers, portals to connect to other biomes you create, and buildable Micromob figures. Get your kid creating offline as well as online and re-introduce yourself to the fun of Lego.

lego minecraft Lego Minecraft The Nether

Lego Light Switch Plate

ThinkGeek, one of my favorite sites, is a treasure trove for kids. This Lego Light Switch Plate is going to be a hit. It doesn’t come with bricks – I have enough of those lying around my home and embedded in my feet, thanks – but it’s a base that allows you to build on it. It’s a cool way to decorate a room and make a personal statement. I think I’ll put zombie minifigs all around mine and see who knocks them off first.


Iron Man LED Light Up Ring

iron man ring

Who wouldn’t want this? Inspired by Tony Stark’s arc reactor, this LED light up ring from ThinkGeek lights up when you tap it. It doesn’t shoot repulsor beams and it won’t call JARVIS to your aid, but it looks fantastic.


tardis lip balm

Who’s your favorite geek girl? Tween, teen, or full-grown fangirl, you can’t go wrong with TARDIS lipbalm from Etsy. It’s vanilla custard flavored, as any Time Lord or Lady would demand.

Time Lord/Companion Friendship Bracelets

Forget those lanyard things we made at camp when we were kids (did I just date myself?), these are the friendship bracelets to have. Check out the Time Lord/Companion set on Etsy, and grab a set for you and your favorite Time Lord (or Companion) to share.

doctor who friend bracelets


Avengers Slippers!

Etsy is a treasure trove for unique, handmade gifts, and they have tons of stuff for kids. These Avengers slippers are machine-washable, made with comic book fabric, and you can choose your Avengers!

avengers slippers

Loki Pendant

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t end with a Loki trinket, so here you go – because girls of all ages love a lovable bad guy. Etsy has a ton of Loki jewelry, but I fell in love with this arcylic Loki helmet pendant necklace. Show the little fangirl in your life that sometimes, it’s okay to love the bad boy.




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