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Ghost Town – a sci-fi thriller from Action Labs new Danger Zone imprint!



Here’s the blurb from Action Lab:

Moments after scientists create a time machine, terrorists steal and weaponize the device, sending bombs into the future. Las Vegas evaporates in flame as the terrorists reveal their future target: Washington DC. Now, the FBI must find the terrorists before the capital becomes a Ghost Town. The clock is ticking. Created by Dave Dwonch (Double Jumpers) and Rob Ruddell, artwork and cover by Justin Greenwood (Resurrection, Wasteland).

Ghost Town is one of the most tense, mind-blowing comics of this year. When I first saw the synopsis I was a little worried, was it a good idea to base a comic on homegrown terrorism? The fact is there isn’t a person left that hasn’t been effected by terrorism on some level. But while issue 1 revolves mostly around the horrible acts perpetrated by the terrorists the rest of the series promises to center on the living. Writer/creator Dave Dwonch took the time this week to answer some questions for us about Ghost Town and what we can expect.

Stay with us for the six page preview right after the interview!

WR: You’ve obviously been greatly affected by the tragedies our world has faced in the last couple of years. Are there any in particular that were more personally touching to you and yours?

DD: 9/11 really did a number on me.  I remember heading into work that day– I worked in San Francisco, and it was eerie. No traffic, no planes overhead, no one on the street. I remember thinking that we are all living on borrowed time, that the world had changed. While the tension built into Ghost Town comes from the idea of terrorism on American Soil, ultimately the series is about hope. As the series evolves it will be about people carrying on in the face of certain death.

WR: The science in Ghost Town doesn’t seem too overly sciencey? Now obviously time travel hasn’t been perfected (right past/present/future me?) where did that aspect of the story come from?

DD: That came from the series co-creator, Rob Ruddell, all the way. He pitched the loose concept– terrorists stealing a time machine, and creating a “pre-apocalypse”, and we kept ratcheting up the stakes. It was like a crazy game of chicken, and when I got into the writing of it, I knew we had to blow shit up to make it resonate. It became a personal story that just so happened to have a time machine in it.

WR: So many of the “main” characters didn’t make it out of issue one. Will the focus the story stay the same? Should we expect a new lead to come into focus in the next issue? Have we met him/her already?

DD: Yes and no. Jonathan O’Hare is definitely going to play a major role as the series unfolds, and there is still a certain time displaced terrorist out there, but for the most part the cast will be new as of issue two.

WR: Are we looking at near post apocalyptic wasteland in future issues? Or would that be giving too much away?

DD: I don’t want to give away too much, but the series jumps ahead two years. New cast, new set of rules, and a new creative team for the next arc. Ryan Lindsay and Daniel Logan are working hard on the Godfathers and Daughters arc.

WR: Issue 1 came in at 30 some odd pages, is this a limited series, an ongoing, a series of graphic novels? What can we expect to see from this story?

DD: It’s going to be a series of miniseries, but we envision it as one long, epic, ongoing series. The book is going to have a pretty large cast, focusing on the people who decide to take up residence in The Radius– an evacuated Washington DC and its surrounding area. It’s become a lawless refuge for criminals, runaways, and normal folk who stayed behind. There will be a lot of action, drama and, you know, a nuclear device that may or may not appear in the future to wipe them all out.

WR: You gave Justin Greenwood a hell of a task, keep a comic with an interesting but talking heavy story visually interesting. I think he’s done a terrific job, can you tell us a little about the process of making such a tense intricately plotted thriller as a comic book?

DD: I literally obsess about story and character until, when its time to write a script, it almost writes itself. I think this first issue was written in a day, with minimal edits. Double Jumpers, arguably my most intricate story, was written in the same way. I start from a loose outline and let the characters dictate conversation and sometimes even story direction. Sure there are times when I run over and have to cut stuff, but I don’t even start writing until I understand who I am writing.

My publisher, Jason Martin, always tells me I write movie scripts, not comics. It’s meant to be a compliment, but I’m a sequential artist myself, and can see the panel work in my head as I’m writing. I’m a decent artist, and I’ve been blessed with collaborators that elevate my game. With Ghost Town I wanted the reader to feel like they were watching a train barreling down a track, full well knowing that at any moment it could… that it would derail, killing everyone inside. I think Justin understood what I was going for, and made it real.

It’s an amazing first issue, drama, intrigue, the perfect setup for whats to come. Here’s a taste:

GT1_PG01 GT1_PG02 GT1_PG03

GT1_PG04 GT1_PG05 GT1_PG06

What an opening scene! The range of first six pages sucked me right in, from the lighthearted banter of a same-old same-old Monday to the who’s the bad guy what the hell is happening frenetic shooting in the lab, it grabbed me and didn’t let go. It also has one of my favorite lines ever “And now you, you talky fuck we’re going to have a little conversation”. It’s one of the things that make Dwonch’s books so readable, not only are his plots tight and fast paced his dialogue is punchy and fun.

This series is definitely going to skirt some areas people find uncomfortable but isn’t that what makes good fiction? I’m definitely along for the ride, hope you come along too.

Ghost Town

Writer: Dwonch, Dave
Artist: Greenwood, Justin
Co-creators: Dwonch, Dave – Ruddell, Rob
Cover Artist: Greenwood, Justin
On Sale: May 29, 2013
Publisher: Action Labs Danger Zone
Diamond Id: MAR130765
Price: $3.99
UPC: 79997519465300111

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