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Ghost Telling # 1 – Who’s Haunting Who?



     Some people have to contend with the “spirits of the dead” waking the whole damn family up at exactly 3:12 AM in their beautiful two-story Victorian out in Long Island. Or, some deal with the “forces of darkness”, tearing a rift in our dimension and forcing their way into our world through demonic gateways that (the “Don’t Blame Us….READ THE F@$KIN’ MANUAL” Geek Squad at Best Buy…forgot to tell us) came with the 55 inch flat screen Samsung LCD 1080p HD Smart TV that we bought during last year’s President’s Day sale. However, in the new issue of Comixology’s release of “Ghost Telling”, this time the spectral plane doesn’t have an address or a pay-per-view channel…… has a zip code.

Written by Jason Pell and with art by Juan Romera, Ghost Telling is the story of twin siblings Lucas and Claire. These two have a unique bond to the after-life and have the ability to see and interact with newly arrived “spirit cities” that have popped up all around the world (more recently in the aftermath of a series of traumatic earthquakes that have left the most attuned of the twins, Claire, “damaged”). They hire themselves out to the living as guides to these literal “ghost” towns (which have an atmosphere that is more Mos Eisley than Silent Hill). Assisting them with these unusual cases (as their “inside spook”) is a dearly departed circa 1940’s noir shamus who goes by the name Gully.

First off, I like the concept. Instead of the ghosts “haunting” the living, it’s the other way around. The living need to make peace with the dead on their “home turf”, so to speak. I like the artwork and the colors look especially good in digital format. Romera has a nice clean style and he conveys information well in the panel (feeling no need to clutter it with unnecessary line work). It seems that most artist have to impress you by crosshatching all the life out of their pencils, but Romera’s use of blacks is nicely restrained. I like the way the story is going and I would like to see how the character of Claire progresses in future issues. I feel Pell has only just scratched the surface of her. All in all, a good read.

[gard] Ghost Telling Vol. 1
Written by: Jason Pell
Art by: Juan Romera
Genre: Comedy
Page Count: 34 Pages
Digital Release Date: Jul 24th 2013
Age Rating: 17+ Only

Mysterious cities housing both colorful and antisocial spirits have begun appearing all over the world. The siblings, Lucas and Claire are the few among the living that have the ability to walk undisturbed through these cities and can even communicate with the long deceased.

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