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Get Angry in The Pool This Summer With Angry Birds!


Angry Birds. Admit it, you’ve played it, probably to the point of distraction. The game burst onto the scene in 2009, selling 12 million copies in under a year. Now there are approximately 12 versions of the original and at least 3 spin offs (that I’m aware of) and the series has been downloaded over 1 billion times* and is played monthly by 200 million* people worldwide.

Beyond it’s video game success Angry Birds has also spawned a cartoon series in 2013, a comic from IDW (Preview: Angry Birds Comics #1 – Cute, and Explody! – June 11, 2014) which we enjoyed, a movie due out May 2016 (check out the trailer, it’s pretty amusing), and more toys that one aisle at Toys R Us can contain.

And this summer they’re adding to the domination with the inclusion of two new items which we’ll see premiere at Toy Fair 2016 in just a few weeks.

Get Angry in The Pool This Summer With Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Stack and Splash Pool Game, Lounge Floats and Swim Rings


AngryBirdsHatchEmsSix Series of Angry Birds Super Grow Eggs in honor of the franchise’s highly anticipated movie release. Three of the series will feature movie characters and the other three series will feature the beloved classic game characters. Hatch and watch the iconic characters grow bigger and angrier!
* Figures reported in a press release received from

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