Genesis Is Coming in April from Image Comics - Be There To Witness It. ~ What'cha Reading?

Genesis Is Coming in April from Image Comics – Be There To Witness It.


Genesis is coming in April from Image Comics. Be There To Witness It

Genesis Is Coming in April from Image Comics - Be There To Witness It.

Described as a Graphic Novella (or a 56 page one-shot), it’s the story of a man who discovers an ability inside him. An ability to create as well as destroy. We follow along on that journey of self-discovery, a journey that takes him to the highest and lowest points man can imagine. It’s one hell of a journey. I don’t want to spoil what I consider a truly unique plot so let Image’s blurb suffice:

GENESIS is a trippy journey of creation and destruction as one man finds himself with the ability to manifest anything by thinking it—only to learn that with seemingly unlimited power comes unstoppable terror.

Writer Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS, The Punisher, Black Widow) and comic book artist Alison Sampson (OUTLAW TERRITORY) give us a visually stunning book with a story that reads somewhere between a confession, a hero’s journey, and a classic twilight zone episode. That seems like an odd description I know but it’s fitting. This is one of those books that you read in one sitting. Not because it’s short or a quick read, simply because you don’t want to put it down.

The art reminds me of Travel Forman’s work on Animal Man, it has that same fluid organic movement from panel to panel and page to page. This is no rip off though Alison Sampson’s use of a water-color palette adds so much, it makes the story feel even more surreal, more ethereal and then at other times it feels all too real and frightening.

I was lucky to get my hands on an uncorrected proof to read for this review, I’ve been assured that there will be preview images soon but don’t wait! I can’t recommend this book highly enough pre-order this one from your local comic shop. (Don’t know you local shop? Find it here Comic Shop Locator)

Genesis is a 5 out of 5.


GENESIS by Nathan Edmondson and Alison Sampson

  • ISBN 978-1-60706-995-9
  • 56 pages, full color, paperback
  • $6.99
  • In comic book stores April 16, bookstores April 29
  • Available for pre-order now – Diamond code FEB140504

I don’t usually include stuff like this but if you’ve read this review and still can’t take my word for it Image has this quote in its press release for Genesis:

Advance Praise for GENESIS
“I am in awe of Alison Sampson’s surrealist architecture. I could stare for hours.”
– Kelly Sue DeConnick (PRETTY DEADLY, Captain Marvel)

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