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One of the perks of reviewing comics is you’re often sent something out of the blue that you really enjoy.

This is one of those times…

Gargoyle By Moonlight’s story is original and strong, easy to jump into and flows well. Another plus? It’s a first issue that ISN’T an origin story. If I get introduced to another character/universe with an origin story I’m going to scream.

Gary Doyle is a normal guy, if being cursed and roaming the streets as a gargoyle is your idea of normal. He’s been spending his nights battling every two-bit hood and street punk he can find. He’s doing it with the coaching of the gypsy, Drina, who may know a secret or two to end this curse but doesn’t seem to eager to help him find a cure.

The plot reminds me of the Wolf Man mythos, but they’ve taken it in a refreshing direction. Gary’s main problem isn’t trying to curb evil urges, his actions plainly show him to be a hero. His problem seems more about being perceived a monster just because he appears as one.

The art has an animated, cartoon vibe to it but with enough of an edge to make it work. Here take a look;

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Moonrise also put together this cool trailer…

Here’s the creative team to give you their take on Gargoyle/Gary:

“Traditionally, gargoyles were posted to keep away evil,” said writer Timothy Bach. “But because they’re grotesque, it’s easy to confuse them with the monsters they battle. That’s one of the major dilemmas facing our hero: what side of the fence does a guy with a scary-looking mug end up on? Doyle wants no part of this life, but, thanks to two pretty and smart women in his life, he’s beginning to realize just how important he is to the city.”

“GARGOYLE BY MOONLIGHT is a great adventure,” said penciller Brian Atkins, who described the self-contained story as fast-paced and fun, adding, “He’s a great character because he has to make a choice between what he wants and what’s best for everyone else.”

“On the surface,” added Bach, “this is a monster-smashing gargoyle battling to save humanity. But there’s more to it. The story is also about figuring out who you are and about finding your place in the world. Gary Doyle is determined not to let a curse turn him into a monster.”

By the end of the first issue we’ve seen some great fight scenes, some funny dialogue and a really enjoyable supernatural (urban fantasy?) adventure. My overall rating? Three out of five. I really hope there’s another installment of this series.

Gargoyle By Moonlight #1
Writer: Timothy Bach
Penciler: Brian Atkins
Inks and Letters: Jeremiah Lambert
Colors: Juan Romera
Publisher: Moonrise Comics
Format: full-color, standard-size, 36 story pages, one-shot
Price: $4.99 (print); $1.99 (digital)
Availability: Now

Get it in Print via Indy Planet or in digital at Amazon’s Kindle Store, Apple’s iTunes, and Graphicly. (Android, Nook, and Kobo versions coming soon)


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