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Frontline: Harbinger Wars Week 2 – Harada Protocols Engaged in Harbinger #11, Sides drawn in Harbinger Wars #2?


Within the pages of Harbinger Wars #1 we saw what the malicious behind-the-scenes wetworks Project Rising Spirit is using their weaponized psiots for, we learned that Dr. Kuretich was a mole for Harada and it was his plan all along to set Bloodshot against Project Rising Spirit, and we were shown the terrible visions of the Bleeding Monk as he warned Pete Stanchek of the ramifications of a Harbinger War and set him on the path to rendezvous with the escaped psiot children.

Now with Harbinger #11, Joshua Dysart and Trevor Hairsine show us the seeds planted in the past that have now bloomed into the war of the present. The preview art shows us the first meeting between Toyo Harada and Project Rising Spirit in 1969 and the reasoning behind their four-decade-long cold war that suddenly heated up this spring. PRS Director Carter, wearing an anti-telepathy helmet, has figured out Harada’s secret of success using his powers and arranges a meeting with the immensely powerful psiot. Hairsine, whose art resembles a crisper, cleaner-lined Bryan Hitch,  cleverly draws a scene of Harada and two prototype egg-breakers hovering down from the sky to meet Carter on a rooftop, a scene Clayton Henry mirrors on Harada meeting Bloodshot for the first time in Harbinger Wars #2 (got to love continuity). Trevor is one of those artist who improves practically issue by issue, slowly evolving his style so that I’m impressed every time I see it.

  HAR_011_001 HAR_011_002 HAR_011_003

 HAR_011_004 HAR_011_005 HAR_011_006

After Carter tries to impress Harada with a history of PRS (a company that has been in the arms industry since 1850), he hints at a partnership with Harada Global Conglomerates. Harada forcefully declines on philosophical grounds, believing that PRS is just a war machine for the governments and his plan is to move the world past the petty politics of normal human society, into a golden age under his guidance. This seems a little hypocritical for a man who turns people into superhuman weapons of mass destruction. The decision has far-reaching consequences for both parties as we see the results in the current issues of Harbinger, Bloodshot and Harbinger Wars.  There’s a nice treat for fans with this issue as it has a matching variant cover with Harbinger Wars #2.


The Harada Protocols are activated in Harbinger Wars #2 and Bloodshot will never be the same again. Project Rising Spirit’s nanite-enhanced Harbinger hunter is on the run after rescuing a group of psiot children from a PRS compound and is hiding out in the outskirts of Las Vegas. He has sworn to take down PRS after being freed from his program by Dr. Kuretich, Toyo Harada’s pawn within PRS.  Now Harada has come to collect the children, freed by the plan he set in motion by manipulating Bloodshot. Unbeknownst to Harada, PRS built an extra-special suite of powers and abilities into Bloodshot called the Harada Protocols and they are activated when a facial recognition program identifies Harada. Which, as you can see in the Clayton Henry preview art below, has apparently happened. But what special powers do you need to take down the worlds most powerful psiot? Let’s not forget, PRS has had 40 years to develop anti-Harada tech. I’m sure the dazzling team of Dysart, Swierzynski, Henry and Crain will not disappoint in the barrage of powers and energy that will be on display. Judging by the two variant covers, it looks like sides are drawn this issue, but will Bloodshot stand with the Renegades against Harada and PRS, or will he fall before them:



Harbinger #11
Writer: Dysart, Joshua D. M.
Artist: Evans, Khari
Cover Artist: Evans, Khari
All-new arc, all-new jumping-on point! HARBINGER WARS continues in a standalone, four-part arc of HARBINGER, featuring the return of original series artist Khari Evans (Carbon Grey)!
* The world has just become a much bigger, much more dangerous place for Peter Stanchek and the Renegades…
* How will they react to the revelation of Project Rising Spirit’s secret mission and the harbinger hunter known as Bloodshot?
Variant: Zircher cover. Consult local retailer for availability.
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 85899200304801111

On Sale April 10, 2013
Publisher Valiant
Diamond Id: FEB131156
Harbinger Wars #2
Writer: Dysart, Joshua D. M.
Artist: Henry, Clayton
Cover Artist: Henry, Clayton
The HARBINGER WARS heat up Las Vegas! After decades of secret conflict, Toyo Harada has managed, in one fell swoop, to cripple Project Rising Spirit through the masterful manipulation of key players in the Valiant Universe. Now he wants the psiot children Bloodshot rescued from the bowels of a nightmarish PRS facility. Too bad. This rogue band of super-powered escapees have begun to call themselves GENERATION ZERO and they’ve declared a war of their own. First strike: Vegas, baby! And while PRS fashions a radical plan for getting the kids back, Peter Stanchek and the Renegades are following visions right into the heart of the Harbinger Wars.
Variants available. Contact local retailer for more information.
Price: $3.99
UPC: 85899200308600211
On Sale May 01, 2013
Publisher Valiant
Diamond Id: MAR131316

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