FRONTLINE: Armor Hunters - Get Up To Date on Valiant's Crossover Event! ~ What'cha Reading?

FRONTLINE: Armor Hunters – Get Up To Date on Valiant’s Crossover Event!


 FRONTLINE: Armor Hunters - Get Up To Date on Valiant's Crossover Event!
With Valiant’s Armor Hunters in full effect as this summer’s blockbuster event, I know it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in your monthly reads while hitting the beach, getting drunk at bbqs and going on vacation. So here is a handy guide to what’s been going on in the Valiant Universe while you’ve suntanned and ran through sprinklers, just to refresh your now damaged memory before you pick up the latest issues of this crossover event!


Prelude To Armor Hunters:

X-O Manowar #23-25





Location: Near Lunar Orbit, Vine Fleet Wreckage Belt

XO_024_CROP.1                                                                                  – Chinese astronauts salvaging technology from failed Vine invasion fleet encounter extraterrestrial being. An Alien warrior semi-bonded with what seems to be another model of the X-O Armor.  The alien is going through series of convulsions, becoming a danger to astronauts.

Location: Monument Valley, Utah M.E.R.O. Headquarters

3499647-capshaw2– X-O Manowar sent to wreckage belt by Colonel Capshaw of M.E.R.O. to investigate radiation blips, and put a little fear in the hearts of the Russian and Chinese salvage crews.  X-O encounters enraged alien who recognizes his armor and attempts to remove from Aric’s possession. Ari deals seemingly fatal blow,but alien regenerates and resumes attack.

– X-O. Tries to reason with warrior known as Malgam, but Malgam presses the attack, quickly gaining the advantage. As X-O looses consciousness from Malgam deadly grip, his armor responds in self-defense and attacks Malgam on its own, rending the warrior unresponsive. X-O returns to M.E.R.O. headquarters with Malgam’s unconscious body.

Location: Plant Ba’ek, Deepspace

– Armor Hunters have destroyed surface and population of the planet in their attempt to kill the X-O Armor on that world. While tracking Malgam across the universe, and burying one of their own, on yet another planet they nearly destroyed while taking out another  X-O Armor, they find his signature,and that of another in the far-reaching space system, currently near the third planet of this yellow starred, nine planet system.
The Armor Hunters head to engage.

XO2 XO22


Armor Hunters #1

Location: Russia, Institute of Applied Weapons Science.


– Underground bunker holding salvaged Vine technologies, including Wolf Class Armors, invaded by Quartz and Helix of the Armor Hunters. After wiping out Spetnatz troops guarding the government installation, the two turn to t heir primary target: the Wolf Class Armor their scanners picked up as the X-O Armor they are hunting.


Location: Near Earth Orbit

– Primary Reebo, leader of the Armor Hunters, wishes to “decontaminate” Earth from aboard Gin-GR, their sentient star-ship and fellow squad member. After warnings from his comrade Lilt, on the pssibilities of the X-O Armor escaping or surviving a planetary attack, Reebo issues commands to continue searching for X-O,to confront him “faceplate to faceplate”.

reebo ah_harb_001_variant_design gngr


Location: Nebraska
– Land given to Aric of Dacia, for use by his time-lost space born tribe of Visigoths, in exchange for working for M.E.R.O. ( Military Extraterrestrial Reconnaissance Oupost ), is suddenly occupied by US armed forces.

– Martial Law is explained to Aric as a protective measure for his people as they are now possible targets for an enemy. X-O escorted to M.E.R.O. base for further explanations.

Location: Monument Valley, Utah

– X-O is briefed by Colonel Capshaw, commanding officer of M.E.R.O., explaining the
reason for the military’s appearance in Aric’s land as a response to the Armor Hunter’s attack on the secret Russian base. She also show X-O satellite footage of a giant robot in Earth orbit ( Gin-GR ) as likely operating base of the Armor Hunters.

malgam – X-O requests to speak with Malgam. The captive alien freaks out upon visual confirmation of Armor Hunters on Earth, breaks his restraints in a fit of rage, and has to be sedated.

– Primary Reebo breaks into military communication signals. After dire warnings of the X-O Armor’s galactic-level dangers, Reebo asks for the complete surrender of the X-O Armor. Colonel Cashaw refuses, but asks for a more diplomatic meeting between the two leaders. Communications are cut.


– Armor Hunters deploy bomb of unknown origin and technology. Results in complete and utter destruction of Mexico City.


Unity #8

Location: England, MI-6 Headquarters

-Unity, the team that stopped Toyo Harada from gaining the X-O Armor, and Dr.Silk’s meme-virus from possessing all of humanity, responds to the atrocity committed by the Armor Hunters in Mexico City.

Location: Russia

– Eternal Warrior and Ninjak are on covert op to destroy Wolf Class Armor and extract Russia’s anti-Armor reverse engineered tech before it falls in to the Armor Hunter’s hands.
Despite Eternal Warriors misgivings, Ninjak leads surprise assault against Helix and Quartz, who are still at Russian Base. The two Unity members manage to extract the prototype weapon, but barely survive momentary confrontation with the Armor Hunters.


Location: South America

– Livewire is  on a  mission to recruit latest Unity member’ Investigating rumors of a shadowy ops agent carrying out missions of good on his own. ” El Diablo Blanco” and “The White Sea-Serpent” turns out to be none other than the nanite enchanced, super-soldier harbinger hunter known as Bloodshot. Recruitment is successful.






X-O Manowar #26

Location: Furthest Reaches of Space, The Past

–   Origin of the Armor Hunters

xo5– A young Malgam and Reebo are mercenaries looking to add to their reputation by taking on more dangerous, better paying jobs. Approach alien named Wince, who tells them impossible tale of a lone armored individual laying waste to his homeworld and destroying their armies. Reebo does not believe him.

– Malgam convinces Reebo to take the job, despite upfront payment and the chance of a possible goose chase. The three head to Wince’s homeworld. Upon arrival, find its capitol lifeless and in ruins. They set up camp behind a protective energy barrier.

– An individual armored in X-O class bio-armor attacks the group. Despite heavy ordinance, teaser webs, incendiary charges, starship exhaust jetstreams, and exploding the ship itself, the X-O Manowar armor survives. Reebo and Malgam escape when Armor is distracted by Wince’s suicide attack.


– Reebo and Malgam are shortly recruited by a General building an Army with sole intention of destroying all the X-O Armors in the universe.

Be sure to follow the Armor Hunters Crossover, burning its way through the valiant Universe this summer!!!



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