Image Is Giving Free Trees! No wait, TREES #1 for FREE! ~ What'cha Reading?

Image Is Giving Free Trees! No wait, TREES #1 for FREE!


From now until 11pm EST Tuesday, 6/24, get Warren Ellis and Jason Howard’s new sci-fi story TREES #1 for FREE!

Get it from, Comixology, Itunes, or Google Play.

TREES #2 is out 6/25.

Image Is Giving Free Trees! No wait, TREES #1 for FREE!

There has been a ton of praise for this new series from Image.

Our own Robert Lazaukas says Trees #1 (is) a thought-provoking intelligent series, that has Ellis’ singular touch all over it.

And it seems to be a largely held sentiment,


“It’s not every day that a writer as important and influential as Warren Ellis launches a major new series, so making sure Trees reaches as many readers as possible is an ongoing priority for us here at Image,” —Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics.


“Trees is a bold debut that offers many questions and fewer answers. The book’s large scope is intriguing, made even more so when considering that much of humanity’s demise is self-inflicted. Though we only get a glimpse of the assumed main players here in issue #1, Ellis and Howard appear prepped to deliver a uniquely exciting read.” —Jeff Lake, IGN


“Trees #1 is a strong debut… it’s great to see Ellis not just writing comics, but writing excellent comics. In interviews it’s been stated that Trees will have an initial story arc of eight issues or so, but that it could run for quite some time if all goes well. Based on the first issue, let’s hope so.” —Greg McElhatton, CBR


“Trees definitely falls into the and now for something different category. Warren Ellis delivers a strange alien invasion story that catches you off guard. Its hard to tell what this story will be about or where its going to go but thats the charm of the book. It allows you to relate to the characters as they are left wondering as well. Jason Howard nicely creates this new world and gives loads of detail that really fleshes everything out. I may not know where this story is going to go but I’m definitely hooked.” —Tony Guerrero, ComicVine


“Trees is a visually spectacular vision of first contact that will leave you with plenty to wonder about.” —Michelle White, Multiversity Comics


“Trees is certainly worth a continued watch, especially given Jason Howard’s art. He seamlessly balances both line work and color art resulting in a story that is well-paced and makes use of colors that provide emphasis in all the right moments.” —Forrest C. Helvie, Newsarama


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