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Freak Out Squares #1: Our Dystopian Future?


Freak Out Squares #1: Our Dystopian Future?Rock music has always been the province of the young, the anti-establishment. But what if the government caught on to that and started to use that against us? What if they set up androids as rock idols to take the furor out of any future resistance? In Freak Out Squares, that’s exactly what’s happened. Johnny Orion, rock god, is found out to be an android in the middle of one of his concerts, and one of his fans, Harrison, decides to wipe him and all those like him out.Freak Out Squares Issue 1 new-3

The comic has a lot of back-and-forth in time that makes it a little hard to track. I understand that there’s a grand scheme to the whole story, but I wasn’t always able to follow what was going on because of the shifts in the timeline. What I know for certain is that Harrison isn’t taking any crap from the government. The time-jumps aside, the story is interesting: it’s certainly plausible that the government would go to these extremes to stomp out resistance, and rock music is as likely a target as any other youth movement.

The art features a lot of appealing bright and bold colors, particularly in the government android creation facility, and I’m particularly fascinated by the character of Young Wolf Lord since we’re given a brief glance at his inner life. He’s the character that caught my interest in this issue, even more than Harrison. It will be interesting to see where the writers are going with both.Freak Out Squares Issue 1 new-17

I’m giving this one 3 out of 5 Lightning Bolts. I’m a little confused about where it’s going, and I don’t have a total fix on what’s happening when in the timeline, but it’s an interesting concept and the creative crew has piqued my interest. A solid piece from an indie label.

Writer: Harry French
Artist: Garry Mac
Colorist: Harry Saxon
Letters and Production: Colin Bell
Publisher: Unthank Comics
Price: £3.50 (Print) £1.00 (Digital)
Buy It Here: Unthank Comics

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