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Frank Miller – RoboCop – Boom!(Studios)



Why? Why is this teaser so freakin good? Robo never really left, Dynamite Entertainment has had comics coming out since 2010. The toys and collectibles still pop-up with regularity. Ah maybe, just maybe it’s because Crazy Uncle Frank (Miller) hasn’t written one since what, 2007 (correct me if I’m wrong)?

I sent out my obligatory email to the crew of the rust-bucket known as and got one or two responses:

Ideas, thoughts, opinions????

Rosemary Kiladitis: Um… Hello? Two words: Frank Miller.

Robert Greenwood: Robocop is Iconic, this stuff is Legendary, and who doesn’t love America’s version of Judge Dredd !!!???!?!?!?!?!?!

Robert Lazauskas: Sweeeeet. God bless 90s nostalgia. Comic industry would’ve crashed without it. I smell a movie reboot in the near future;
“Dead or Alive… Your coming with me… Again”

But is it just the fact that Miller’s writing it?

Robert Greenwood: It’s the character itself, the future imperfect and all its bells and whistles. But also Frank no matter what he believes still has it in him to tell an awesome story.

Rosemary Kiladitis: In all honesty? Probably.

Now don’t take us as being unkind, but as I said Dynamite Entertainment ran a RoboCop series for 6 issues, did a RoboCop vs. Terminator mini (or two) and the sales were less than stellar.

I guess it’s a wait and see, Boom! is never stingy with the previews so let’s hang on and see what they’re bringing us.

What do you think, is RoboCop legendary? Is the team up of Frank Miller and Declan Shalvey (Venom, Thunderbolts, and 28 Days Later)  be enough to get people to try him again?

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