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François Vigneault’s Titan – Sci-fi Indie Goodness!


François Vigneault's Titan - Sci-fi Indie Goodness! François Vigneault's Titan - Sci-fi Indie Goodness! STL003515

François Vigneault’s Titan may be exactly what sci-fi fans are looking for. This indie title brings the reader to the moon Titan where the whole world is embroiled in a class struggle. The Titan’s are worker class and the Terrans the managers. In the first issue João da Silva is sent to Homestead Station on the moon of Titan to ascertain its viability. He finds himself caught in between the genetically-engineered Titan workers and the Terran management. By issue two he has an ally, union rep Phoebe Mackintosh, who finds herself caught between a violent past she’d rather forget and a dangerous future she can’t predict. As João and Phoebe find comfort in each other in issue three the tensions between the Titans and Terrans finally reach the breaking point.

François gives us a story filled with emotion, music, and political tension. Though his art is cartoony, in the traditional indie style, it doesn’t skimp on detail. This series is a romance set in a distant and foreboding place, with some definite mature reader content. And though it’s populated with people far different than us they’re still fundamentally human. If you like your love stories mixed with space and politics this is the series for you.

I give Titan a solid 4 out of 5.



Order codes for the series are:

Titan #1 Diamond code MAR150869

Titan #2 Diamond code AUG150988

Titan #3 is currently in Previews (MAR161026)

Titan’s Writer/Artist/Cover Artist is Francois Vigneault and it’s published by ALTERNATIVE COMICS.

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