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“The Flash: Season Zero” Review!


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If you’re like us at What’cha Reading, and love CW’s “The Flash”, you’re probably very disappointed in having to wait until next week to see a new episode.  But for those that are fans of the scarlet speedster, love Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, and feel that the television series is right up there with the best of DC Comics’ cinematic offerings, then this week holds a very nice treat to hold us over.  Today saw the release of the second issue for DC Comics’ series, “The Flash: Season Zero.”

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The script, written by Brooke Eikmeier and Katherine Walczak, with a story by Arrow and The Flash exec. producer, Andrew Kreisberg, perfectly captures the tone of the series.  While Barry Allen is “still getting a hang of this hero thing”, he has to save Central City from a zoo break that has unleashed animals all over.  The animals are soon to be discovered unleashed by a disgraced circus ringmaster now enhanced due to the particle accelerator incident (the very one that gave Barry his abilities).  One particular scene finds him trying to calm down 20 chimpanzees (possibly a wink wink to Grodd) while also contemplating working out, using Oliver (Queen)’s salmon ladder or taking up crossfit.  The writers, Eikmeier and Walczak, are quick to pick up on the wit, humor, and heart of the show.  They’re characterization of the cast, most especially Barry, captures perfectly Grant Gustin’s charm and appeal as the title role and makes the issue a fun read that could work as an actual episode.


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“The Flash: Season Zero” is a perfect read for those that enjoy the series, enjoy The Flash, and are looking for a good, fun story that isn’t tied down by years worth of history.  This current title, released by DC Comics, also happens to be a terrific recommendation for anyone looking to get into comics or for a young child as it is extremely family friendly.  One of the real highlights is of Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Kelsey Shannon’s artwork.  It is very cartoon like and teases the fun possibilities of the unlimited budget an animated series has.




“The Flash: Season Zero” gets four miles out of five on the cosmic treadmill.

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