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“The Flash Season Zero” Issue 3 – Is the extra Flash we need!


"The Flash Season Zero" Issue 3 - Is the extra Flash we need!We can’t get enough of CW’s adaptation of “The Flash.”  It’s one of the best page to screen translations of a comic book and possibly the most fun and friendly since Sam Raimi’s first “Spider-Man” movie.  The cast is perfect and Grant Gustin has brought to life Barry Allen in a definitive way.  All this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the exceptionally talented cast and crew.  It’s no surprise that DC Comics spin-off title, “The Flash Season Zero” is so enjoyable as the series producer, Andrew Kreisberg, is responsible for the story.  The third issue releases this Wednesday, don’t miss it! Whether you’re a fan of the tv show or are looking for a good family friendly book start reading this title starring the Scarlett Speedster!

Kreisberg’s story continues The Flash’s battle with a group of meta-human circus performers.  We learn more of The Ringmaster’s backstory as he explains to Barry that his mother and father would constantly fight and that they raised him in a “humorless place.”  They couldn’t care less about him so he ran away on the day the circus came to town.  He grew up entertaining people and learned to call the “freaks” family.  Eventually the audiences stopped caring about the show leading to his company being let go.  It was on that fateful night Wells’s particle accelerator accident changed them. Augmenting them, the strong men became stronger, the animal performers developed the ability to control them, and as for The Ringmaster, it enabled him to make people feel whatever he wished!

During the main battle with The Ringmaster, he makes Barry feel his greatest fear, his worst nightmare, and becomes a villain even more terrifying than The Scarecrow.  It’s an excellent scene that works well in this issue and expands on the character of Barry Allen from the show. What’s so lovable about Barry is that he never hides what he’s feeling and is always open about what he’s going through.  It’s been established that the death of his mother and his father being wrongfully imprisoned has driven him throughout his 25 years.  The nightmare he has of his mother, written by Brooke Eikmeier and Katherine Walczak, feels completely authentic to what we are familiar with from the CW series. With the Phil Hester artwork, the scene is only enhanced and is a valid indication of why this monthly title has sold so well.

It’s a fun read and captures the same appeal as the series.  It’s the perfect experience for fans of “The Flash” that are looking to bide their time between a week’s wait for the next episode.  The art by Phil Hester has a real animated look and excitingly captures each member of the series including Iris West, Eddie Thawne, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Harrison Wells.  “The Flash Season Zero” reads fast and is over too soon.  If you’re looking for a Flash title that isn’t tied down by canon and continuity, then you should start pulling “Season Zero.”

“The Flash Season Zero” issue 3 gets five out of five stars.

The Flash: Season Zero #3
Writer: Kreisberg, Andrew
Artist: Hester, Phil
On Sale: December 03, 2014
Publisher: DC Comics
Diamond Id: OCT140344
Format: FC, 32pg., COMIC
Price: $2.99
UPC: 76194132537800311

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