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The Flash “Plastique” Review/Recap


A Recap, by definition, WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! Proceed at your own risk!

The Flash S1E5 Plastique

The Flash "Plastique" Review/Recap


Barry is hanging out with Cisco, Caitlin, Iris and Eddie at a bar telling us through narration that some friends he knows will stick around, hopefully not Eddie though while he pines for his adopted sister, Iris. Sorry Barry but you were friendzoned when you were twelve.
More tragically, Barry discovers he cannot get drunk after super speed downing $40 bucks worth of shots. Cisco goes to get more shots while Caitlin while reaches for her blood sample kit.
Meanwhile, a security guard in a darkened office building disrupts a robbery, the female thief throws a bag at him which turns out to be an explosive, a bit much to take out a lone security guard. It also takes out the wall, and the window washer on the scaffold on the other side of the building. Wait a minute, who washes windows at 10 o’clock at night?
Instantly, Eddie gets the call, because he is also Bomb Squad apparently. Iris runs out to practice her journalism skills and try to catch a glimpse of the Flash.
Barry in his Flash suit sees the window washer and he asks Cisco how fast he needs to go to run up the side of the building.
Oh, I love it when he does that.
After some a quick guesstimate, and advice from the geneticist on how fast he needs to go down the building or else he goes splat, Barry successfully rescues the night window washer. With Iris waiting for him street level. Fortunately Barry has the wherewithal to make his face blurry.
Ok, all is forgiven for the night window washer because that running up the building trick was pretty good.
Sometime later, when it’s daylight and no one is washing the windows, Barry, Detective West and Eddie are doing their detective thing. Barry cannot find how the bomb worked. Eddie says the security guard, who miraculously survived, says the bomber was a woman. Somehow, someone knows one file was missing. Barry super speeds through and figures out which one was taken.

They head back to police headquarters, populated by military guards and Clancy Brown! The Kurgan is here! This time he’s playing General Eiling, ( a recurring villain in Captain Atom. Clancy Brown is always the villain.
The army wants all relevant material, since they are taking over the case because the bomber is one of theirs. Barry super speed swipes the folder from the file cabinet to take over to S.T.A.R. labs for investigation.
Meanwhile Joe reprimands Iris for showing up at the crime scene, presuming she wants to keep an eye on Eddie. She says she’s actually there to streak, I mean to see “The Streak” and blog about it.
Back at the Lab Dr. Wells lets in on his history with Eiling. The army wanted genetic enhancements for soldiers, particularly mind-reading techniques.
Cisco pulls from the folder’s VA number the name Bette Sans Souci, aka Plastique. (
They get an address and the Flash runs over and conveniently confronts Bette in the alley. She touches his suit and warns him to take it off. Best pick up line ever. He zips away and is literally blown up down to his underwear.
Barry makes it back to S.T.A.R. Labs and breaks the news to Cisco that his favorite suit got blowed up. Wells, Barry and Caitlin surmise that she is also a meta-human. Joe walks in at the right time to overhear this. I guess they don’t have a front door at the Lab.
Joe asks Barry to convince Iris to stop blogging about him. As he does so, Cisco traces the army’s surveillance on Bette and traces her to Dr. Harry Hadley’s office, ( the doctor trying to help her although she blames him for her condition.
Barry manages to get her before the army does.
Wells explains the dark matter wave to her and she explains how she was home from Afghanistan with bomb fragments. The dark matter combined with her injuries and gave her powers.
The gleefully begin testing her.
Caitlin notices a tracker in her wound. Eiling is already at the lab. They really should install a front door in that place. Wade Eiling and Wells start fondly reminiscing. He asks for his asset but the gang has taken her to Ferris Air Force to test her.
Barry explains how they help him to help others.
Meanwhile, Joe gives Barry a guilt call to let him know Iris is now posting the blogs with her name instead of anonymously.
Barry, as the Flash confronts Iris after hours at the coffee shop (it was daylight a second ago), disguising his voice by vibrating his vocal cords. He sounds like he’s talking into a fan.
He asks to stop writing about him because it will put her in danger, but in a heartfelt moment, Iris confesses she is doing it for Barry so that he has faith in the impossible again.
Meanwhile the S.T.A.R. Crew tells Bette she is permanently altered because it altered her on a genetic level.
Barry tells them that she should be part of the team but they can’t help her.
Joe and Barry have a chat in his lab where they have a heart to heart, but Barry tries to convince Joe that the only way to stop her is to tell her, Barry tells Iris everything. Not everything Joe says. Barry is surprised to learn that Joe knows he’s in love with Iris and he’s been waiting for years for him to tell her, weirdly enough.
Wells and Bette talk, and Wells convinces her to go on one last mission to kill Eiling.
The next day, Barry is looking for Bette but she’s gone. Bette has gone to bait Eiling. She throws explosive rocks at him, knocking him out. Before she can land the killing blow, Barry stops her but Eiling musters enough energy to shoot her…..aaaand she’s dead. She starts to glow. Caitlin figures that much mass would destroy the city if she explodes. He asks how fast does he have to go to run on water, my second favorite Flash trick! Flash runs on the water, carries Bette, drops her and runs back outracing the blast.
Feeling defeated as they watch Eiling explain it was just underwater weapons testing, Barry tries to convince Iris to stop blogging. She returns with asking him what is going on with him. Instead of confessing his double life, he says he’s put his problems behind him. She won’t stop, and Barry suggests they stop seeing each other for a while.
He tries to drown his sorrows but Caitlin has come up with a 500 proof concoction that gives him a buzz, for a second.
Hey kids, if you have problems, drink alcohol!
Barry goes back to his narration about friendships that end too soon while we see Iris crying in her laptop as she blogs. Sad.
Harrison Wells twist ending:
Eiling goes to visit Harrison Wells to try to re-ignite their partnership but Wells won’t have it. They puff chests at each other with their threats of armies and extortion techniques. We flashback to the moment the partnership initially dissolved. Wells will not have Eiling torture him anymore so he wants Eiling out. Who he? Wells approaches the subject, sitting in a cage. Oh yeah, it’s Grodd. GRODD! Yes!
Next week: The Flash has to run at Mach one in order to hit Girder really hard.

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