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The Flash – A Hero is Born


I’m a sucker for a good superhero story. I know, I know I review comics so you’re not surprised, but honestly just classic, pure hearted superheroes make me all weepy and inspired. I love the indie stuff, I love the dark stuff but sometimes, just sometimes I really want a really good person who just wants to help people as my hero. The Flash in the new CW series fits the bill perfectly.

The Flash - A Hero is Born

I’ve always loved the Flash, although in full disclosure, Wally West was my Flash not Barry Allen, but it’s all good. This Barry is a charmer. His origin is fairly true to the comic, with the bolt of lightning causing his change. In this we have a bit more of a “bang baby” vibe though. The lightening was caused by a particle generator malfunctioning. The ramifications of that go further than just giving one police forensics guy super speed. It seems to have caused a number of other people to gain powers as well. This of course means, super villains. First up we have the Weather Wizard, not called by name but we know who he is.

Barry has a rough time adjusting to his new powers but a visit to an old friend (WARNING: ARROW FEELS AHEAD) help him gain perspective to become the type of man he has always aspired to being. He has always just wanted to help people. The Flash is not a flash-to-the-rescue-flash-costume-cw-series-grant-gustinvigilante like that Starling City archer, he’s something more, something better…a hero.

This gave me that sentimental feel of a good superhero origin story, while not descending into cheesiness. I like Grant Gustin as Flash. There’s no denying he’s adorable, but he’s also dorky and geeky, which only adds to his appeal. The fact that he is also good at his job is a plus. Speedsters can be one note heroes, which could be difficult in a weekly show.

Having him work closely with the police will add storyline potential. As well as having the scientists at STAR Labs as his backup team. Of course it’s STAR so there’s more there than meets the eye. The subplot of the mystery of his Mom’s death and his Dad’s unjust incarceration for it will no doubt give us plenty of twists, drama and emotions to come. It also gives us the joy of John Wesley Shipp as the Flash’s Dad. Why is that a thing? Because this:


It’s a nice nod to the 1990 show which some of us do remember fondly.

The Flash is my favorite new show of the season even after just one episode. The one thing we miss with all these amazing, gritty, dark shows is the one thing we all need from time to time, a little bit of hope.

Barry Allen’s Flash is just the hero to give us some.

Here’s the trailer:

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