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First Look! Bloodshot#24 – Flashback to a Bloodbath, Soviet Style!


First Look! Bloodshot#24 - Flashback to a Bloodbath, Soviet Style!

Written by B. CLAY MOORE
Cover by RAFA SANDOVAL (AUG141731)
Variant Cover by SINA GRACE (AUG141732)

$3.99 | T+ | 32 pgs. | ON SALE 10/1/14

BLOOD_024_VARIANT_GRACEA superhuman arms race during the cold war, is a common theme across the varied Comic Universes. Captain America and the Red Guardian in Marvel, which led to Wolverine, Omega Red and Phantomex and other Weapon Plus Alumni, it was covered in all the classic silver age DC stories, and visited in detail by James Robinson and Paul Smith in Golden Age. And no one has covered it more completely than Ellis during his StormWatch, Authority, Planetary runs, and culminated the idea in SuperGods from Avatar.

Now it’s Valiant’s turn.

In the year 2000, a  supersoldier experiment from a  cold-war era Soviet secret base has been unleashed, threatening to spread throughout the Russian Federation. With some back room political deals, Bloodshot is sent in by Project Rising Spirit, to do what he does best: Contain the area and kill everything!
But similarities to his Russian counterpart bring up questions of Bloodshot’s own origin, and the path to his self discovery is seeded in this flashback to Bloodshot’s bloody past.  Take a look into Valiant’s past, while Bloodshot establishes his future in the aftermath of the Armor Hunters event!

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