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First Law of Mad Science Trade!


The First Law of Mad Science Trade is almost here! A comic I’ve loved since the first time I ran across Oliver and Mike at a long ago New York Comic Con. They were selling issue 1 of First Law, well they were selling the almost completed issue one of First Law. Several pages were only pencils and some inks, no colors or lettering. (*Editor’s note; after speaking with Mike Isenberg he reminded me that in fact the lettering was done for NYCC that year!) Along with your purchase of issue one they wanted your email address, the promise of the finished issue being emailed to you immediately upon completion. Between their antics on the show floor and their obviously heartfelt promise won me over and I bought the issue.

The story was good, a strong first issue, even in its incomplete state and the art was strong. Then the impossible happened the finished pdf arrived, and it was great. They had not only delivered on the promise but what they delivered was a great sci-fi cyber-punk adventure series concept with writing and art to match!

Oliver and Mike are five issues in now and we’re finally getting a trade, albeit through kickstarter, and added content as well!

First Law of Mad Science Trade!

Here’s a synopsis of the series: Super-scientist George Baker has invented electronic retinal implants known as “Cyber-Eyes,” and they are taking the world by storm. People are so enamored with this low-cost revolutionary invention that nearly 40% of the population has gotten them within their first year on the market.

But closing in on that first year the original test subjects start having some “issues”, seeing things that aren’t there, very weird things. The Baker family needs to figure out what’s gone wrong, before worldwide panic sets in.

To quote the creators of the book “Along the way, they’ll uncover ancient civilizations, corporate conspiracies, sinister cults, other-dimensional creatures, awesome robots, subterranean cities, and Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. It’s going to be a wild ride.”

Not convinced? Go read a preview at

Don’t need more convincing? You’re sold? Good! Support independent comics! Go here and get yours! And check out the “Work Until Your Family is Sad” shirt it’s awesome!

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  1. Please note that you’ve tagged David Lapham as the artist here but that is incorrect. The series is drawn by myself, Daniel Lapham, and has no connection to David at all. (And no disrepect to David, I’ve been a fan of his work for decades.)

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