First Five! July 18, 2012 ~ What'cha Reading?

First Five! July 18, 2012


Is it lame that my first pick this week was the free Batman comic? Know what? I don’t care if it is lame, it’s the first one I wanted to read dammit! Fairly mainstream week for me, DC Dark Horse, Image, and Marvel. Definitely not my usual first choices….

I’ve been told countless times how amazing Geoff Johns is. It’s not that I disagree I just haven’t found any of his book to be stuff I’d rave about.

This book I’ll rave about. I finished this preview and immediately emailed Diane at Royal Collectibles and made sure I had Batman Earth One on my pull list. I’m a sucker for the re-imagined origin (Superman: Earth One is a perfect example) it’s kind of like the old Marvel “What if” series. A different take, a little skewed, a little different. I could give you the gist but I’m not going to. It’s a free comic people go out and get one!

Number 2 kinda depressed me. See it’s the fourth book in a five book series. A series I’m enjoying enough that I just don’t want it to end.

I’m a Buffy fan, watched the show, loved the show. Watched Angel, rooted for Faith every time she showed up anywhere. I still buy Buffy and Angel comics. This book feels more real. Geez that sounds absurd. Maybe it’s because Dancy’s world is very grim, grim unforgiving and dangerous. This is the book I’d been waiting for. She’s a heroine who really doesn’t know what she’s doing. Guess what, things tend to work out like she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

In issue four we finally get to see what is going on in this town, now if Dancy just knew what to do to fix it! I don’t know how Caitlin is gong to wrap up this mini series I just know I’m torn between wanting to see how she ends it and wanting it to go on forever.

Once again great writing and great art come together to give us an excellent book, can’t wait to buy the trade and read it endlessly.

Alabaster, Wolves – Dark Horse Comics
Written by Caitlin R. Kiernan
Art and Letters by Steve Lieber
Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
Release Date July 18, 2012

Ahh number three, I think this book is my favorite this week, it’s surely tied for first with Alabaster.

This issues leads with Price Robot IV’s hunt for our loving couple Marko (horns), Alana (wings) and their baby Hazel (crossbreed). Seems the Prince’s family is growing as well, will this revelation change his pursuit or just heat it up? Meanwhile Marko and Alana fight there way through another near capture and the mercenary “The Will” finishes up his vacation not happily by the way. Oh and don’t put the book down before the final page, it’s a doozy! Read the rest of the review here.

In the number four spot we have a book I wasn’t really planning on buying but when I saw it on the stand I thought I’d give it a shot.

Concrete, Three Uneasy Pieces – Dark Horse Comics
Written by Paul Chadwick
Art by Paul Chadwick
Release Date July 18, 2012

Not my favorite book this week but definitely worth a look, here’s the review :link:

Number five in our weekly first five is (drum roll please)

Captain Marvel #1 – Marvel Comics
Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick (@kellysue) (
Art by Dexter Soy (@dextersoy) (Dexter on deviantArt)
Release Date July 18, 2012

This book was a completely unknown quantity for me, not really a fan of Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) I was also unfamiliar with Kelly Sue Deconnick’s writing or Dexter Soy’s art. I was pleasantly surprised. Read more of my review here

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