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Finally! A trailer for Inside the Mind of Leonardo in 3D!


Finally! A trailer for Inside the Mind of Leonardo in 3D!If you have spent any time at all at What’cha Reading, you know that I am an ardent admirer of Peter Capaldi. He is an amazing actor that I first discovered when he took on the role of the Twelfth Doctor, and I’m currently working my way through his back catalogue. (I recently made the startling discovery that my inner voice is, in fact, Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It and In The Loop, complete with swearing and swearing.)

In my quest for all things Capaldi, I attended an advanced screening of Inside The Mind Of Leonardo In 3D back in the fall and have been torturing you all with teasers of it since then as the release date got pushed back. My friends, today I can finally give you a trailer of the film, which Submarine Deluxe & History Films will release on December 19th. Watch this trailer, bathe in da Vinci’s genius, and catch just a glimpse of the promised land. Yeah, it’s that good. Watch it and stay tuned for my review, coming a little closer to the drop date.

If the video isn’t visible (their embed code seems a little wonky) click over to and see it where it’s hosted!
Exclusive: Trailer For Doc ‘Inside The Mind Of Leonardo In 3D’ With ‘Doctor Who’ Star Peter Capaldi

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