Fervor is more than a comic... it's pure poetry. 5 out of 5 ~ What'cha Reading?

Fervor is more than a comic… it’s pure poetry. 5 out of 5


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I’ve always found writing to be the most difficult of artforms. I think it’s a lot harder to find your “voice” when it comes to putting your thoughts down on a typewriter rather than a pencil on a drawing board. Despite dissertation not being my primary form of artistic expression, I feel comfortable enough in my love for the written word to be able to judge good writing when I read it. One of my pet peeves, when it comes to writers, is how some of them get so caught up throwing words in sentences. They try too hard to impress the reader by showering their paragraphs with unnecessary and overwrought vocabulary, when all they succeed in doing is coming off as pretentious .These people like to lose the reader in too much detail with the hope that their ideas will be easily discerned, when in fact they’re not. Thankfully, writer and artist Sean Dietrich is not one of these scribes. And after reading his latest effort, Fervor, I wish a “true” writer had reviewed this book. Because only a true writer could appreciate the exquisite beauty of the words and paragraph structure that adorn this work.

Fervor is centered around the fantasies of a morbidly obese girl played out against a dark and violent landscape. One in which she exacts cruel revenge on those who would spurn her by assuming the form of a slender and drug fueled seductress. The target of her scorn are the elite businessmen, who exude confidence in their own corrupt power.

I cannot say enough about Mr. Dietrich’s writing style. This is not so much a comic script as it is pure poetry. It brings to mind James O’ Barr’s The Crow, but as much of a classic as that book was, I have to say I prefer Dietrich’s writing better. The way he describes the atmosphere of the after hours club (the “hunting ground” for the main character ) as well as its inhabitants, will ring a familiar bell with anyone who has ever taken a “walk on the wild side” and ended up in its dimly lit world of excess. As far as the art is concerned, it is perfectly married to the writing (in much the same way as artist Ralph Steadman’s drawings are to writer Hunter S. Thompson’s work). Each page is a beautifully rendered fever dream. However, this time, it is the writing that leaves the stronger impression with me than the art. A first for me when it comes to writing these reviews. Sean Dietrich is a name, you as “readers”, should make it a point to remember. You will only be rewarded.

Story & Art by Sean Dietrich
Lettered by Jay La Valley
Cover Colored by Mike Garcia
SRP: $0.99

When a 500 pound girl’s daydreams of being thin turn obsessive, she uses real life atrocities against over confident business men for fuel; imagining herself as a thin, attractive, coke addicted call girl who picks up those same people and murders them in their beds.

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