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Femme Fatales Supergirl DST Review


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After a rather exceptional showing at this past year’s New York Toy Fair, the first of Diamond Select Toys (DST) vinyl collectible statues have released.  While Harley Quinn was the first to release under the Femme Fatales line exclusively under the San Diego Comic Con banner (as was the Supergirl Blue Costume,) Supergirl released this Wednesday.  The PVC statue of Supergirl measures 9 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ and is a must have for fans of all ages.


As a Superman collector, primarily of the Superman: The Animated Series era, owning DST’s PVC statue of Supergirl was a non-issue.  I adore the style and renderings of the iconic Superman characters as re-envisioned by Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Tiny Toons).  There’s an immediate likability to Mr. Bruce Timm’s art and it easily translates to fun merchandise.  It’s been over a decade since Superman: The Animated Series concluded, but with the massive success and longevity of Batman: The Animated Series it’s no surprise to see companies such as Diamond Select Toys and DC Collectibles returning to those series.  While the Batman brand is at an all time high, let’s not forget that Superman is the grandfather of all superheroes and through his stories have gifted the world with some of the most instantly recognizable of heroes and villains.  Chief among them is undoubtedly Supergirl!  With a television series set to premiere this October, now is a great time for the Supergirl PVC statue inspired by her appearance in Superman: The Animated Series.

Unlike the darker renderings and more noir-ish take on Batman: The Animated Series, DST has released a beautifully bright window bow package for Femme Fatales: Supergirl.  Keeping in line with the overall aesthetic for Superman: The Animated Series, the box is a bright yellow/orange and reminds us of the daylight of Metropolis and the hopefulness of the Kryptonians heroics.  On the back side of the package is a nearly scale image of the PVC statue of Supergirl complete with a biograph of her animated counterpart.

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Kara In-Ze is the only survivor of the planet Argo, a sister planet to Krypton that was devastated in the wake of Kyrpton’s destruction.  Placed in cryogenic sleep by her father, Kara was discovered by SUPERMAN while he was exploring that sector of space and brought back to Earth.  Kara was taken in by Superman’s adoptive parents, the Kents, and she pretended to be Clark’s cousin, often visiting him in Metropolis.  Having a similar genetic makeup to SUPERMAN, Kara was given powers by Earth’s yellow sun, including flight, strength, speed, invulnerability, heat vision, super-hearing, x-ray vision, telescopic and microscopic vision, and super breath.  She eventually designed her own costume and became SUPERGIRL.

The PVC statue was sculpted by Steve Varner Studios and is just as impressive as DST’s other PVC statues and collectibles.  There is absolutely no flaws to be found with Supergirl and fans will be hard pressed to critique DST’s latest DC Comics collectible.  Supergirl has an amazing paint job and the yellow of her hair is just as bright as the red of her cape and boots.  The paint application is nearly perfect and contains the best work I’ve seen this past year.  A common issue to be found with Superman is paint smearing or running within the emblem on his chest.  The “S” logo on Supergirl’s shirt is perfectly done with sharp details and colors.

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The 9 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ Supergirl PVC statue is a must have to add to the collection.  She comes attached to a base most likely meant to resemble a mountaintop and lake.  It adds to the overall statue as most normally come with a base containing the logo title and character name.

Overall, Supergirl looks as if she was pulled directly from the animated series and is beaming with a must-have adorability!  There’s a great amount of promise found in DST and Steve Varner Studios work on the Femme Fatales PVC statue line.  While there are several other DST Batman: The Animated Series collectibles set for release, it’d be very exciting to see characters such as Lois Lane, Mala, and Livewire added to the Femme Fatales line.

Femme Fatales: Superman: The Animated Series Supergirl PVC is available now and has an RSP of $45.00

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