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Federal Bureau of Physics, Vol. 1: Who You Gonna Call?



I hate when wormholes happen. You’re washing dishes, or on your way to school, and all of a sudden, BAM! – you trip through one, just like a pothole. Or maybe it’s the gravity going out, like that darned lightbulb that you’ve been trying to suck the last bit of life out of. You’re in the air, watching the bathtub overflow. Who do you call when things like this happen? The Federal Bureau of Physics, that’s who.

Federal Bureau of Physics, Vol. 1 is the trade that collects issues 1-7 of the Vertigo 2013 title. Taking place in an age where natural disasters now include things like wormholes, gravity fail, and quantum tornadoes, the Federal Bureau of Physics is there to answer the call. Adam Hardy is the brash, hot star at the FBP when he and his partner, Jay, are sent on a rescue mission. There are five people trapped in a “Bubbleverse” and need to be rescued within 30 hours.

Once the Bubbleverse mission reaches its conclusion, though, Andy realizes that science is the least of his worries. And here’s where the fun truly begins, because FBP gives us an amazing mix of fantasy, science, and conspiracy theory on a level that The X-Files can be proud of.

The writing is tight, with a gritty, almost noir feel, and the science is impressive. The story is outright fun, with the story moving at a breakneck pace for the greater part of the book. Even when the action slows down, it’s to build up another story – the one that will likely propel FBP through the next few story arcs.

The art is wild. No other way to describe it. Robbi Rodriguez’s art is trippy, with bright colors and crazy movement. A book dealing with the laws of physics is a perfect companion to this artist, because he takes it and runs with it, making the art itself a character in this story.

Pick this book up – it’s a trade paperback, collecting 7 issues, for only $10. You can’t go wrong with that! I didn’t discover Federal Bureau of Physics until I came across this trade on NetGalley, but you can bet I’ll be waiting for the next story arc to start (psst… March 12).

I give this book 4 out of 5 quantum tornadoes!

Writer: Simon Oliver
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Cover Artist: Nathan Fox
Publisher: Vertigo
Price: $9.99
On-Sale: February 19, 2014
Diamond ID: NOV130274

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