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Feather – Four Issues In, Still a 5 out of 5!



A few months back I reviewed Feather.  At the time I completely fell in love with the art and storytelling. I decided to revisit my review four issues in to share how the series was progressing.

Sehven has returned from his quest with a legendary weapon, the Scale Scythe. He has no real interest in wielding it. He just wanted to obtain it. Having succeeded in said quest he believes it is time for him to go find a dragon to slay. Leeka decides to help her friend. She goes home to discuss it with her mother and they come up with a plan to make Sehven believe he has achieved his dream.

Leeka tells him she will take him to a dragon that he can slay. Of course things quickly go awry as they so often do when Sehven is involved. Bad things happen and Sehven ends up fighting with Leeka’s furious and dangerous grandfather. Then Leeka herself is overcome by her own violent instincts.

I am so loving this book. The dark turn it took in issue four genuinely surprised me but in a good way. It was solid storytelling and threw me for a loop in the best possible way. After being lulled by the sweetness and peace of Sehven and Leeka’s friendship injecting the darkness and bitter reality of their situation was a shock. I am fascinated to see where we go from here. I am also greatly looking forward to learning more about this world and the schisms that fracture it.

The art is still breathtaking. The colors and imagery got bolder as the story got darker. This is one of those times when having the writer doing the art as well really serves the story well. Props to Steve Uy for being able to tell his story in words and images so well.

This is five out five stars still. I have not been disappointed in an issue yet. I will be very sorry to see it end.

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Feather #1-4 of five
Cover by: Steve Uy
Written by: Steve Uy
Art by: Steve Uy
Lettered by: Steve Uy
Genre: Action/Adventure , Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Manga

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