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Feather #1 – A Beautiful Book, Engaging and Charming



There is something lyrical about Feather. I can’t put my finger on it exactly. It could be the art. It could be the characters and the way they relate to each other, the underlying humanity in the way they deal with each other. It could be the writing that transported me to this world I completely believed in. In truth it’s probably the combination of all those things.


Sehven and Leeka are best friends. Sev lives a peaceful life with his brother as a wheat thresher. He dreams of flying. Leeka puts up with his crazy flying inventions and rescues him when they fail. He also dreams of being a dragonslayer. This could be a problem since Leeka believes herself to be a full-blooded dragon.

The world Sehven and Leeka inhabit feels peaceful and safe but there are hints that it was not always that way. There are reminders of a war with the dragons where they became extinct. Sev and his brother, Clip, don’t believe Leeka’s claim. Clip believes her to be a half-breed like them, just one with a mutation that caused her to be born with wings. Sev believes something different.

After getting his hands on a mystery box, Sev disappears for months. He returns, seemingly triumphant, but we don’t know why.

Steve Uy is a one man show on this comic. He wrote it, drew it, and lettered it. The care shows. It is a beautiful book. The characters are charming and interesting. The story is engaging. I really did feel like I was there with them and I wanted to stay.

Read Feather. You will fall in love like I did.

Feather #1
Cover by: Steve Uy
Written by: Steve Uy
Art by: Steve Uy
Lettered by: Steve Uy
Genre: Action/Adventure , Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Manga

Comixology Link: http://t.co/C8h4qp2Gev

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