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FCBD: Star Wars: The Assassination of Darth Vader. The Fett, Baby. The Fett.


Yes, Free Comic Book Day has passed, but the love continues. I love Star Wars, and I am a shameless fangirl for both the Man in Black and The Fett. I squealed and clapped through Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin‘s first issue last month, so when I saw this book – The Assassination of Darth Vader – and my man Boba was on the cover with Vader? I chased the kids out of the room, put on my Cone of Silence, and dug in.


Everyone in the galaxy is out to kill Vader. I kind of love that in a guy, but I always did love a bad boy. This time, the events in the book are set shortly before the original Star Wars saga (A New Hope) kicks in, so the Empire still has a Force choke grip on the galaxy, and Vader is feared and hated – even by his own men. He’s being set up for an attack, and he knows it. Because HE’S DARTH VADER.  Vader’s taking care of business just fine and dandy, but Boba Fett shows up to lend a helping hand, and earns Vader’s gratitude. Which really, is a good thing at this point in time.

The story’s only 8 pages long; the FCBD issue also includes Captain Midnight and Avatar: The Last Airbender stories. It’s a quality 8 pages, with Vader’s menacing inner dialogue that bleeds from the pages, and some great action on the panels. If this were to turn into a more fleshed-out one-shot down the line, I would be quite happy about it.

The book is available through Dark Horse Digital (requires free sign up). Here’s the link!
– Chuck (your friendly editor monkey!)

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