Father's Day - The Final Father's Day Fav Pick is... Captain America? ~ What'cha Reading?

Father’s Day – The Final Father’s Day Fav Pick is… Captain America?


What can I say, we’re a bold bunch. So far we’ve picked A Dark Knight, an Alien couple, The Superhero family, A Second Generation Superhero, and last but not least Cap! This has been a fun series, and closing it out with Cap is pretty cool. You were/are your favorite comic book dads? Hit us up in the comments! – Chuck

Father's Day - The Final Father's Day Fav Pick is... Captain America?

Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z vol 1&2

Following Brubaker’s tenure on Cap was going to be hard but Remender and Romita Jr. filled those star – spangled boots perfectly. Remender takes Cap on wild sci-fi  adventure, the machinations of Arnim Zola, who has transported Captain America to Dimension Z against his will, and holds him captive in this harsh realm of alien creatures and deadly landscapes in his plot to conquer Earth and remake the world in his image.
John Romita Jr. is at the top of his game, channeling Kirby in manners never seen before. The action is over the top Romita, giving life to the alien environment and Zola’s crazy Kirby tech that’s all over the place, as both there  brutal effects on its inhabitants. Dean White’s coloring expands on JRJR’s signature style, giving it a spectrum that adds to the strangeness of Cap’s new found surroundings.

So what the heck does all this have to do with Father’s Day you ask???

Well folks…hold on to your hats , cuz here where it gets fun!

imageszolaCap awakens strapped to a high-tech operating table in Zola’s lab, his super-soldier serum enhanced blood being transfused from him to a small child in an incubation tube. Zola explains that child is his, genetically created from his DNA and a female donor, and will be one of his generals when Zola invades earth. While stealing his blood Zola injects Cap with an unknown serum, using a giant hypodermic needle/torture device. Cap breaks his restraints and shatters the incubation tube with his shield as a distraction, causing the lab to explode and seemingly killing the child. Cap escapes in the ensuing chaos in the harsh alien world…with a passenger in tow. Nestled safely in his shield is the Zola-Child.
Time moves differently in Dimension Z, so while Cap seems to only be missing for a short e49d676456ff5a45717ec07985017389time, over ten years pass on Zola’s hellish world. During this Cap has the raised the boy, who he names Ian, as his own. Teaching him to survive, and instilling the values and moral compass he received as a child. Through flash backs we learn, that all the things that make Cap who he is, he learned from his mom. His father was a drunken, abusive lout who ruled by fear and it was Mrs. Rogers who taught Steve to stand up for himself, tell right from wrong and gave him his sense of justice and fairness. As Remender jumps time, showing Ian age, becoming more and more like Cap, while Cap gets beardier and more down trodden. With The daily of horrors that present themselves to the duo, roving bands of alien tribes and Zola’s forces bearing down on them, including Ian’s older sister Jet Black, a sensory enhanced assassin bred to kill Cap, who blames him for her brother’s death. Can they survive long enough to escape Dimension Z and rally the Avengers, or will Zola’s force capture them and use Cap’s DNA to create an army of super soldier aliens to unleash on earth? What exactly did Zola inject into Cap???
Rememender and Romita Jr. take you on an emotional and visual roller coaster ride! This is Captain America meets Cormac McCarthy’s the Road, with a healthy dose of Pitch Black thrown in for good measure, with a stunning ending that will haunt the reader, and Captain America for all time, while altering his life drastically, both in Dimension Z and on Earth. This is the ultimate Father’s Day gift for any comic book fan!

You can pick up Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z vol 1&2 at your local comic shop (Comic Shop Locator), your local bookstore (Indybound.org), or amazon.com.


Happy Father’s Day!

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