Farscape Vol 7 Trade from BOOM! This June! ~ What'cha Reading?

Farscape Vol 7 Trade from BOOM! This June!


Farscape Vol 7 Trade from BOOM! This June!

It will come as no surprise to readers of the site but I’m a bit of a Farscape nut (– What’cha Reading? Dec, 20 2013). But believe it or not I haven’t kept up with the comics. This trade will fix that! The fact that Rockne S O’Bannon is involved as a writer gives me hope that this series is true to the original. With Will Sliney (Superior Spider-Man, A+X (Vision + Kitty) on the art it’s a safe bet the visuals will be spot on! Here’s hoping we get a preview to post!

Retail Price: $29.99
Author: Rockne S. O’Bannon, Keith R.A. Decandido
Artist: Will Sliney
Cover Artist: Joe Corroney
The long-awaited, final collection of BOOM! Studios’ Farscape comics, collecting “The War for the Uncharted Territories”! In this epic 12-issue storyline, co-written by Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, John, Aeryn, and the entire crew of Moya face their most dangerous adversary ever: the Kkore.

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  1. Osvaldo Padilla on

    I read the early issues of this series and really enjoyed it. I thought that it captured the voice of the TV series perfectly and felt like a seamless continuation of what is among the best sci-fi ensemble shows ever. (I’ll have to check out that box set.)

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