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Farscape Vol 7 – BookExpo Featured Review


I came late to the Farscape party. I started watching after the show had gone off the air. This did not diminish my great love for the show. I watched all the way through the Peacekeeper Wars and have missed it ever since. For some reason I’ve never picked up the comic. After reading collection of the series final 12 issues I am greatly regretting that.

Farscape Vol 7 - BookExpo Featured Review

Volume 7 collects the 12 issue arc, “The War for the Unchartered Territories”. A legendary enemy, long believed a myth, comes to conquer the Farscape universe. Known as the Kkore, they have waiting centuries to invade and they will not let anything stand in their way. Of course they haven’t met Aeryn Sun, John Crichton and the rest of the Farscape crew. They seem unbeatable until an old enemy discovers their secret connection to the Delvians.

I adored this book. The story was good, truly epic in scope. A war to end all wars that brings together familiar faces. This is where I truly enjoyed myself. It was a reunion for me with all these wonderful characters I loved. John, Aeryn, Moya, Pilot, Rigel and so many more. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed them until they were there again. It helps that the arc was co-written by the show’s creator, Rockne S. O’Bannon. This contributed, I’m sure, to the familiarity of the voices of the characters. The art was serviceable. It had the issue tie-ins often do, the characters don’t always resemble their actors. Since many of the characters are not human this was not a big problem.

I’m giving Farscape a very sentimental 4 out of 5 stars. I sorry I found this after it was over also but I’m going to go looking for the back issues to catch up anyway.

Here are some preview pages to enjoy:

Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-9 Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-10 Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-11

Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-12 Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-15 Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-16

Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-17 Farscape_Vol7_TPB_PRESS-18

Ask for Farscape vol 7 (and the other 6 volumes!) at your local comic shop, local bookstore, or amazon.com.

Farscape Vol. 7
Writer: DeCandido, Keith R. A.
Artist: Sliney, Will
Cover Artist: Corroney, JoeFormat: TRADE PAPERBACK
Price: $29.99
ISBN: 978160886447852999
On Sale June 25, 2014
Publisher BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: APR140985

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