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Family Friendly “DanTDM Creates a Big Scene” is on YouTube Red, Have You Checked It Out?


Being a comic book loving dad can be cool, taking the kids on my weekly trips to my LCS were legendary, but as the kids grow up they invariably get into things that may or may not be fun for me as well. And while I listen to podcasts and a (very) few youtubers DanTDM wasn’t really on my radar. Well except for the fact that my kids would watch his videos 24/7 if I allowed it.

When youtube reached out and asked if we wanted to pre-screen the first two episodes of  DanTDM Creates a Big Scene I replied yes immediately, then asked my kids what they thought. Their response was, needless to say, deafening. If you’re unfamiliar with Dan, he’s a youtuber with over 14 million subscribers. 14 million. His channel is geared toward ages 5 – 10. The new show is a mix of live action and animation, it centers around Dan and the cast of his live tour. A cast which is made up of characters from his videos some of which are straight from his videos, others have been altered a bit to fit this format.

First up (my 11 yr old) Rebecca’s reaction. Rebecca loved the mix of animation and live action, and Dan is exactly the same here as he is in his videos. His performance on the show speaks to his popularity quite well; he’s cute, high energy, and earnest, so earnest in fact that it started to remind me of a show skewed for younger audiences. We watched the two, eleven minute episodes back to back (the way you would any show these days) and afterwards we talked a bit. I felt the show was a bit young for her. Dan is earnest but it can come off a bit, simple? His delivery at times feels a bit like The Wiggles, but maybe that’s just me. My daughter really seemed to enjoy it and even remarked on the fact that there was a message as well. I seemed to have missed whatever they were driving at in the first but the second episode has a really strong be yourself message. I honestly think she enjoyed it as much as she did because of the uniqueness of having a Youtube personality make something that looks like a television show.

(Several days after watching my daughter had the opportunity to see Dan live at the Beacon Theater in NYC. Afterward we compared the live show to the footage used in his youtube series. She was very impressed with the fact that the footage used in the series is really taken from the live show.)

Now on to (my 6 yr old) Charlie’s take. When the second episode ended Charlie turned to me and said “That was GREAT!” with a big grin on his face. He had sat completely enthralled for both episodes, laughing and explaining all the subtleties to me throughout. I thought he might have trouble with things like Dan’s pugs being animated and able to speak in the show, they’re real dogs in his videos, but it was all taken in stride. He really relished telling me all about characters like Dr Trayaurus, and kept a constant stream of reminiscing about videos of Dan’s that he’s enjoyed.

Definitely a home run in Charlie’s estimation.

DanTDM Creates a Big Scene is one of those things which come along all too rarely. It is what it pretends to be, an earnest and fun extension of a brand. And it’s one that stays true to it’s roots. If you have fans of DanTDM in your home they will most definitely get a kick out of this show.

Find it now on YouTube Red, check out the full first episode below courtesy of DanTDM’s channel…



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