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The Fall of the House of West reveals the West Family’s Secret!


When we last left Aurora West, she was this close to finding out the truth behind her mother’s murder, all the while training alongside her superhero father, Haggard West, who struggles with keeping his daughter safe from the monsters who roam the streets and who took his wife from him.

The Fall of the House of West reveals the West Family's Secret!

The Fall of the House of West picks up where The Rise of Aurora West leaves off. Aurora’s still on the case, but having a harder and harder time juggling her investigation, her school work, and her training. Keeping her detective work secret from her dad? Not easy, but she’s not giving up; not when she’s this close to the truth. The thing is, Haggard doesn’t even know the full story – and the truth could destroy him, and devastate the city of Acropolis.

This story pulled me right in. I enjoyed Battling Boy and The Rise of Aurora West, so I was thrilled to sit down with The Fall of the House of West and dig in. The title alone is so ominous, isn’t it? I knew I was in for some hard revelations going in, and I wasn’t disappointed. You’re going to hate the monsters, that’s a given, but as Rosetta West’s story comes full circle, it brings with it a sucker punch that will leave you paging back and forth, making sure that was what you read.

Aurora is a great heroine. She’s a believable teen who just can’t give up on something she needs to know, and she’s both really good and really bad at hiding her tracks. She’s frustrated as hell at the people she loves more than anything, and she’s pissed off when people get in her way for her own good. Tweens and teens can respect this! I can respect this!

The art continues to translate a wonderfully noir feel to the reader, with its black and white starkness and its pulpy hard-nosed storytelling. I love David Rubín’s interpretation of Pope’s and JT Petty’s gritty storytelling, which brings fantastic and awful monsters into a believable, Blade Runner-like bleak future.

If you’ve loved the first two books in the West family series, don’t miss out on this. If you haven’t ready of these yet, start with Battling Boy, and make sure you read The Rise of Aurora West.  Give these to the kids in your life – it’s a great cautionary tale (monsters are snatching kids off the street, stranger danger is at its highest alert here), and builds great bridges for an age that needs heroes who get it.

Check out some a sneak peek from The Fall of the House of West, courtesy of Macmillan, the book’s distributor.

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Writers: Paul Pope, JT Petty
Artist: David Rubín
Publisher: :01First Second
Price: $9.99
ISBN: 9781626720107
On-Sale: October 13, 2015

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