Anthony Ruttgaizer talks F1RST HERO & A Brand New Webcomic! ~ What'cha Reading?

Anthony Ruttgaizer talks F1RST HERO & A Brand New Webcomic!


If you’re a fan of Superheroes, or fast-paced action comics and you’re looking for a great book you need to pick up the volume one trade of The F1rst Hero from Action Lab. I had the opportunity to talk (ok e-talk) with Anthony Ruttgaizer about current and upcoming projects.

Anthony Ruttgaizer talks F1RST HERO & A Brand New Webcomic!Before we get into what’s coming up let me give you a little info on The F1rst Hero. In a world where superpowers equal insanity and death Jake Roth doesn’t know how long he has once his powers manifest. Does he use his powers to help people and risk being hunted down by the government or stay in hiding and let the chips fall where they may?

The volume 1 trade is due out in January (Diamond id of AUG140940) but if you want to get a bead on the series jump in at (The F1rst Hero). You really should because after the trade…(read on to find out what’s next!)

Having met up with Anthony at NYCC this year (and at the Action Lab after-party at JHU Comic Books!) He may have mentioned having some great stuff on the horizon. Here’s the little Q&A we conducted this week via email…

What’cha Reading: The volume one trade is in stores this January. And you mentioned the art on the new series is under way. So where does the next chapter begin? Does Volume 2 jump right back in with Jake or is this a new story?

Anthony: Volume 2 starts within two weeks of the end of Volume 1. Jake is still dealing with the aftermath of Volume 1 and we get to know him and the world he lives in a little more before we jump into the action. And when the action starts, we’re really going to put Jake’s powers and his ethics to the test.

What’cha Reading: What artist(s) are you working with in the new series?

Anthony: With Phillip Sevy busy on a project of his own right now, I’ve recruited Danny Zabbal for the art chores on Volume 2. I’ve known Danny for about 20 years. He’s the younger brother of a friend. He currently works as a designer for video games and is just an incredible artist. You’re really going to enjoy his work. As I write this, he’s 6 pages in and doing great work.

What’cha Reading: You mentioned a web comic project? Two teen de-powered Supers returned to normal life. That sounds like a story with lots of potential can you give us some back ground? Some idea where you plan on taking these two kids?

Anthony: I’m taking them to small-town Massachusetts. Ha! Well actually, their parents are taking them there. The story of Heroes of Homeroom C is simple. After twin twelve year old superheroes lose their powers in battle, their govt scientist parents move the family back to their hometown of “Tranquil, MA”. But even “normal life” isn’t going to stay normal for too long for the Hathaway Twins.

What’cha Reading: Which artist(s) are you working with on the new project?

Anthony: My artist on this project is Carlos Granda, who is currently working on a book called Pirouette. Carlos and I met at New York Comic Con in 2013 when he was showing his portfolio around and I immediately offered him Heroes of Homeroom C.

And Fred Stresing fills out the team as letterer/colourist. Fred handles those same chores for The F1rst Hero and he will be my guy on everything I do for as long as he’s willing. I love his work. He’s adaptable and speedy and once you find a Fred Stresing, you don’t let him get away!

What’cha Reading:  Oh Man! We love Granda’s work on Pirouette (Review – ) You also mentioned the one year time frame, does that mean you have the full story mapped out? Is this a story with an ending or is there room for it to continue?

Anthony: HoHC is being written in 22-page chapters like any other comic book. Five issues for this first story arc means 110 pages total and we will shotgun the first eight pages during week one, with two pages per week after that. So one story arc per year and, if this works out, there will definitely be more. I have some loose ideas already for two sequel arcs and there’s obviously room for prequel arcs as well.

A new chapter in a solid superhero series and an upcoming web series that sounds like a blast! Thanks so much Anthony for taking the time to tell us about it. You can be sure when it launches we’ll read it, and share it!

Want more info on these and more projects? Drop by! And follow Anthony on twitter @16Hectares!

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