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Exquisite Corpse – a Literary Scandal!


Zoe is a young twenty-something working a dead-end job as a booth girl in Paris. She’s groped, she’s treated like crap, and she’s miserable both at work and at home, with her loser boyfriend. When she meets a new guy, she has no idea who he is, only Exquisite Corpse - a Literary Scandal!that he’s got a lot of books and he’s totally different from her other boyfriend. What she doesn’t know is that he’s Thomas Rocher, a brilliant author who’s best work has been published posthumously. Nope, she’s not dating a ghost; Rocher faked his own death for fame, and she’s sitting on the literary scandal of the century, but that’s the least of her problems: Rocher is a needy and self-obsessed shut-in, whose ex-wife is still in the picture.

Exquisite Corpse is author/artist Pénélope Bagieu’s first U.S. graphic novel release. She’s had big success in her native France, especially with her comic series, Joséphine, which has been compared to a French Bridget Jones (FirstSecond, PLEASE tell me you’re translating these volumes for US audiences). I love that Bagieu writes graphic novels for twenty-something women. She tells fun chick-lit stories that have a wry twist, perfect for an audience who normally hasn’t had original graphic novels written for them. I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Bagieu has for us, but in the meantime, Exquisite Corpse hits stores on May 4th. Check out a preview of the book right here, courtesy of Macmillan, who’s distributing the book.

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Writer & Artist: Pénélope Bagieu
Publisher: First Second
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 9781626720824
On-Sale: May 5, 2015

About Author

Rosemary Kiladitis is a children’s librarian, a mom, and a proud fangirl/nerdgirl. She did her homework while watching reruns of the 1966 Batman series, which led to her longstanding relationship with the Bat, and she’s pretty sure that Barbara Gordon is the real reason she went to library school. She loves superheroes, supervillains, and is secretly married to Hellboy. Or Loki. She can’t remember, but it’s one of them. Roe blogs about children’s and teen books at http://roespot.blogspot.com, and you can read her 140 character ramblings on twitter @RoeSolo.

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