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Evil Empire # 7 – Where Will It End?


Ahh dystopia how we love you. I think there is a definite correlation between the state of the world today, the anxiety it causes in us and the current popularity of dystopian fiction. We want to see the worst happen in books, movies and comics because then we can see how we survive it. The heroes and heroines in these stories give us hope that there is always a way to fight back when things seem bleak. Evil Empire definitely has that thread of hope but it is a particularly dark and twisted world it struggles to survive in.

Evil Empire # 7 - What Is The Final Goal?

The world of Evil Empire is pretty damn close to our own. The vicious but somewhat understandable murder of his wife by a presidential candidate sets off a cascade of events that lead to citizens taking the law into their own hands. While never planning to start such a movement the candidate becomes an inspiration for anarchy. When we discover this was never his intent it becomes clear there were puppeteers pulling his strings. As the series moves on and things get more and more out of control, the anarchist wave begins to infiltrate the globe. That’s where we are in issue 7 but now it seems there’s even more going on than we initially thought.

I was late to the party in my reading of Evil Empire. I’ve read Max Bemis’ work before and thought well of it (Polarity – A bipolar superhero story – From Max Bemis and BOOM! Studios) but didn’t consider myself a fan, Evil Empire changes that. I mainlined six issues in a day and was blown away. It’s a well done story that captures you enough to move you past the inherent weakness in its origin. Each issues builds on the other and the character development is extremely well done. The art goes right along with the story, with splashes of color making you feel the violence going on. This issue starts to open the path for a larger story and I’m curious to see where we go with it.

I’m giving Evil Empire #7, 4 out of 5 stars. The whole series gets 4 out 5 stars as well. While the premise has some holes overall the execution sails right over them and has grown into a damn solid story.

Here’s a peek inside issue #7

Evil_Empire_007_PRESS-3 Evil_Empire_007_PRESS-4 Evil_Empire_007_PRESS-5

Evil_Empire_007_PRESS-6 Evil_Empire_007_PRESS-7

Evil Empire #7
Writer: Bemis, Max
Artist: Mutti, Andrea
Cover Artist: Shaw, Jay
On Sale November 12, 2014
Publisher BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: JUL140978
Price: $3.99
UPC: 84428400371100700

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