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Escape From Monster Island! Zenescope Brings Monster Action!


Escape From Monster Island! Zenescope Brings Monster Action!What is your favorite type of movie? I like most genres but my first choice is the action movie, and the team action movie is my favorite sub-genre. It’s a weird classification to say the least. Team action movies span sci-fi, western, war, from The Magnificent Seven, The Dirty Dozen, The Italian Job, Predator, Aliens, we love to watch a group of individuals go up against some sort of challenge. If you take equal parts team action movie plus Escape From New York, and a bit of The Island of Doctor Moreau that’s what we get in Zenescope’s Escape From Monster Island!

“Years ago, unbeknownst to the public, the U.S. government began to capture more and more various creatures, building a walled city and setting up an experimental testing facility on an abandoned island in the Pacific Ocean.
Within a few years the island was filled with hundreds of different creatures, and government scientists worked to understand them. 
But in 2012 disaster struck and the island was evacuated. Now the inmates have taken over and gangs of different species fight for control within the city walls.   
But something was left behind on Monster Island, something the government desperately needs. And the only way to recover it is to send an elite unit into the most dangerous place in the world: Monster Island.”

Check out a little preview, to whet your appetite.



Now unlike Aliens this book doesn’t rely on the slow build. They give you the problem, introduce the cast, dump you into the fray. That being said there is still more than enough mystery and surprises in the plot of this 6 issue mini series to keep even the most jaded action adventure junkie turning the pages.

With a fast paced cool script written by Joe Tyler, great art (with some freaky monster designs) from Carlos Granda (a personal favorite of mine since Black Mask’s Pirouette), and awesome coloring by Jorge Cortez, and lettering by Fabio Amelia this is a book to add to your pull list. Get yours at your local comic shop February 3rd.


Escape From Monster Island
Created by Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha
Written by Joe Tyler
Art by Carlos Granda
Colors by Jorge Cortez
Letters by Fabio Amelia
Item Code: NOV151805
In Shops: 2/3/2016
SRP: $3.99

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